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The Bible According To DeVaney
Pastor Arnold Murray

Pastor Arnold Murray
Gary DeVaney


Pastor Arnold Murray, Shepherd’s Chapel, Gravette, Ar. 72736  

Phone: (501) 787-6026



Based on "The Shepherd's Chapel" TV programs - this is Pastor Arnold Murray and his son, Pastor Dennis Murray. First comes their controversial account of Genesis:


SEX - Adam / Eve & Satan



According to both Pastor Murray's selected C&Vs, the Serpent (Satan) seduced Eve sexually and Adam joined in. Ergo, two sperm-seeds provided two boys, one by Satan, whose offspring was Cain and his twin, Able, who was the offspring of Adam.


That is the "original sin" according to both Pastor Arnold Murray and his son, Pastor Dennis Murray. Both strongly suggest this is the "Original Sin" by chapter and verse evidence, but both pastor's usually tactfully evade the juicy details.  Both strongly infer that Eve "shared" the "forbidden fruit" with Adam - that Adam performed a homosexual act with Satan. Over the years, they have pondered other options but they always come back to Adam and Eve's sharing of sex with Satan.


To spell it out - Satan's SPERM is the "forbidden fruit". If Eve shared the "forbidden fruit" with Adam, and Adam did "eat" (partake), then Adam had a homosexual experience with Satan. 


Murray infers the homosexual act between Adam and Satan on his television programs - but begs off going in to detail on any one broadcast - as, he indicates, it is super "touchy". Murray also does not want to implicate that God did sloppy work and made errors in His co-called "creation".


That God's first "created man" had a homosexual experience is far beyond what any Judeo-Christian-Islamic believer could handle.


Pastor Murray answers "write-in" questions from his TV audience about half of each program.


Q: Jim from California: Pastor Murray, please explain your understanding of “The Doctrine of the Original Sin” and if your version differs - explain the difference.


M: There is only one original sin. "The Original Sin" happened in "The First Earth Age". God makes it clear what the sin was in Ezekiel 28 starting about verse 14 when God said to Satan: I trusted you. I appointed you to the office of protecting Cherub to protect the mercy seat. And, you became prideful within yourself. And, with that pride, Satan misled 1/3rd of God’s children. That was “The Original Sin”.


G: According to Pastor Murray's answer to Jim, Adam, Eve and "The Garden Of Eden" had nothing to do with "The Original Sin." What is a believer to believe?


Pastor Murray is a tough old Marine born in 1929. He boldly takes on the Bible, chapter and verse, and calls most clergy, who pick and choose, cowards . He boldly takes on questions about sensitive issues. His explanations often appear "far-out and confusing" in his search for rationale and truth. He covers material far beyond the common dogma. For example, Murray states with conviction, that Jesus Christ, between the ages of 12-30, along with Joseph of Arimathea, spent time in England. How many times have you heard that claim in your church?

Pastor Murray is so assured of his Heavenly rewards, he has already made his list of requests / rewards that he wants and expects from God - that Murray is to receive on judgment day. He said that he is looking forward to watching those whom God rejects taking their one-way ticket to Hell.  (TV 6-3-98)

G: But, Pastor Murray, which version of Hell would you prefer that sinners endure - Eternal Torment or Expiration? Based on your authoritative, belligerent, vindictive, vengeful, dictatorial, tyrannical, talk-down behavior - I am curious. 

Pastor Arnold Murray is an old marine combat veteran who often boasts that he shed much blood in Korea in defense of his country. He often claims that - "there are no atheists in foxholes" - that atheists have not had the opportunity to educate themselves.

Pastor Murray is a big man at 6'4". He has been known to punch his fist and often has expressed his desire to take others "behind the woodshed" in order "to discipline them" - "to give them an attitude adjustment" - "to correct them" and "to straighten them out".

Personally, this war-hawk attitude has again triggered some "let’s get ready to rumble" genes. If the "behind the woodshed" contest selected and agreed upon was "boxing" I'd luv to accommodate Pastor Murray! I'd be giving up about 3 inches and over 50 pounds. Murray would be giving up about 15 years - and probably some slow-moving boxing skills. But, he is the bully / challenger. I'd agree to just be happy to accommodate him - for about 60 seconds, or less. GWD

Once, during his TV preaching, Pastor Murray pulled a 9 MM pistol out of his brief-case to evict an unwanted heckler, who said "blasphemy" to one of his statements. Does this mean that if you do not respect and obey Pastor Arnold Murray, he will kill you? Was this an "insane" (not knowing right from wrong) act? Could Arnold Murray qualify as a "psycho"?

Pastor Arnold Murray, your insane "authority / obedience" demeanor does tend to stir the "God-inspired" pot.


Murray preaches: John 8:42 Jesus said: If God were your father, you would love Me... 


John 8:44 Jesus said: “You are of your father the Devil and the lust of your father you will do."


G: Does Jesus claim here that unbelievers are of Satan's (the serpent’s) seed through Cain? Does this C&Vs help verify Pastor Murray's claim that Cain is of Satan's sperm and that Jesus is speaking to the offspring of Cain? So, how did Satan's sperm survive the flood? Murray claims that Noah took upon the ark "2 of each flesh" - and that included 2 each of all the human races. That obviously included at least 2 humans beings of Satan's seed / lineage / genealogy. Have you ever heard this Biblical version in any church? Murray does use documented Bible C&Vs to support his claims.


Just why did God arrange and produce the flood? Why would God kill almost all of humanity yet allow "evil" souls to survive the flood? Have you ever been programmed that - other than Noah's family of eight - other human beings survived the flood ?




Genesis 10:5 (After the flood) Gentiles were included in dividing up the land.


What? This sacred, "God inspired" Bible C&V does verify that "Gentiles", human beings outside of Noah's family, also did survive the flood - doesn't it?


These Bible's C&Vs document some controversial facts. First, the "in-total-control" / "know-it-all" Biblical God orchestrated that the Serpent (Satan) be in the Garden-Of-Eden with God's new, totally ignorant, innocent "creations", Adam & Eve. Based on hindsight, that is an insane agenda in itself. This was God's bad judgment - which God repented for. If God was sorry and repented - it means that God recognized that He (God) made mistakes. So much for "The Biblical God is perfect" claim. Then, God ordered "evil" human beings to be included aboard Noah's Arc - when we are preached that the flood was supposed to cleanse the Earth of evil. Was the "Evil" - that survived the flood - the Biblical God, Himself?  


If "the buck stops here" with God - it's all God's fault. How can "free will" for God's newly created human beings apply - or be of any more consequence - than a new-born child's free-will.


Murray's selected and combined C&Vs - of the Old and New Testaments - seem to make his claims accurate. His claim of Satan's sperm being the "forbidden fruit" certainly makes more biological sense than a non-defined "apple" being the "forbidden fruit". 



On TV 11-16-2009


Pastor Arnold Murray announced: "I will challenge anyone. Hell does not exist right now."


G: What?


Murray continued: "The word in the manuscripts are either the grave or Ghenna. The (Ghenna) garbage pit outside of Jerusalem is translated Hell. The "Lake of Fire" does not exist until the end of the Millennium. You are making God the Devil to send people into Hell right away - right when they die - without God's judgment. Judgment Day is not until the end of the Millennium and no one will enter Hell until that event."


G: Pastor Murray claims here that Hell does not now exist and has never yet existed? Gullible believers have been frightened of the existence of Hell for centuries. Pastor Arnold Murray now openly claims to the world that Hell does not exist. Then, your loving God (if God exists) must create Hell some time in the future for you and me to either fry in for eternity as described in the book of Revelation or to totally expire by "turning into ashes" as described in to book of Ezekiel. Which "second death" does your ego prefer - for yourself - and for the rest of humanity? 


I, Gary DeVaney, view that neither God, Satan nor Hell exists in reality. I view that these are all man's cruel inventions that are designed to hypnotically bully other men and women into fearfully serving these assumed, entitled authorities on their terms. I view that religion is a crippling, contagious virus that is hypnotically programmed and that it exists only in the gullible minds of believers. Apparently, many human beings do not have the genetic immune system that can resist the hypnosis of religion.


My statement is best explained in the book: "The God Virus" by Dr. Darrel Ray


Deuteronomy 11:13 God said: If you shall obey my commandments, I command you to love your God with all your heart and soul.


Pastor Murray, upon reading this asked: Are you sold-out to God?


G: That is a well-worded, con-job question, Pastor Murray - as I also view that becoming a "Christian" is a sell-out. Becoming a Christian is a needless throwing away of a human being's one and only life.


M: Do you love God? Many of us in combat (Korea) have seen God's hand upon our troops. When we were so far outnumbered, we should have been annihilated. We won because of the mighty hand of God's blessing. And, that brings peace to this great nation.


G: Hummm. The deaths of about 2 million Koreans and Chinese and the deaths of over four hundred thousands US troops in the early 1950s brought peace to the USA? What? North Korea did not preempt an attack on the United States of America. What's wrong with Murray's boastful, arrogant, statements? Can you identify a con-job?


TV 11-16-2009: Pastor Arnold Murray addressed a write-in, "Larry", on the military: Larry, you have never been in the military - have you? Do you know why I can tell? Because when you become a professional killer - and that's what a military person is - you are taught to kill with anything - string, dirt, your bare hands, knowing where to twist and snap. You've got weapons all around you. And, when God is directing you - you've got some awesome warriors. With God's aid, they couldn't lose. David killed a giant with leather string and a rock. He sunk a deadly wound right in his head. A professional killer is a professional killer but he only kills for the right reasons to protect his family, his country and God's word. 


G: Thank you Pastor Murray for this truly accurate display the "war-hawk", political-military mentality of the United States Government. I view that the political nomenclature - just to the  right of "conservative" - is "fundamentalist".


I, Gary DeVaney, am a retired, reserve Army officer (1961-1983) and although your description of you and me being "trained professional killers" - for our mostly corrupt US Government - is accurate, I don't dwell on my ability to kill as you publicly choose to do. Do you actually view that it is righteous to kill people to correct them to your warped ideology? If so, you are as insane as your murderous Biblical God is documented C&V to be. If your g-o-d simply amounts to your e-g-o, then the answer is obvious.

M: Law and order is so precious. Many of us have fought and shed blood in foreign lands to keep that law and order present here in this nation.

G: That infers that North Korea in the early 1950s could have come and conquered the USA and that they could have changed our laws. Pastor Murray, sometimes I do worry about your teaching values. Hummm, didn't president George W. Bush change many important US laws, from within, and rob US citizens of many of our legal and human rights? But, George W. Bush was part of your worshipped God, King and Country cycle - right Murray?


Korean War Dead


Is this what Arnold Murray is so proud of?

Internet Atlas:

American dead - 54,246.

Korean military / civilians + Chinese military about 2 million dead.

What virtuous "correction" are you claiming? Arnold Murray, if you were in charge, would you agree to do the Korean War again which would include the same sacrifice of the same casualties? How about Viet Nam? That war sacrificed about 59,000 US dead and about 2 million Asians. What about the Iraq war - which has produced about 1 million dead and injured Iraqis? President George W. Bush lied to get the US into that war and later admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with the attack on 9 / 11. Haven't you been a consistent, brainwashing TV cheerleader of these imperialistic, human-being destroying wars? Arnold Murray, these wars were wrong. You, and your war-god ego, are wrong.


Pastor Murray on TV 11-15-2009 preached: You study the word of God so that you will know what it takes to please Him. By pleasing God, you bring blessings down upon yourself. How wonderful it is to be servants of the living God. The father loves His children. Are you one of His children? Do you love Him? That's what He wants from you. God doesn't require blood sacrifices anymore. Your love is your sacrifice. All souls belong to God. You're all God's whether you like it or not. You are God's to do with as He pleases. You don't want to anger God too much because if you don't think He'll smoke you - you're mistaken - because He smoked a whole generation in the wilderness.


GWD: Sometimes, due to Pastor Murray's bully-threat to take non-believers "behind the woodshed" for an "attitude adjustment" - I have to confess that I have fantasized just one 60-second round of boxing with the good Pastor. Na, I'm sorry. I know, he's way too old - but, he probably could survive a 10-hour public debate on my selected controversial Bible C&Vs.


M: Always remember, God is perfect and His word is perfect. Many times it may sound like there are controversies but it means you don’t understand. I promise you as a scholar of the manuscripts, there are no contradictions in God’s word, just misunderstandings by people. Later: God loves you. That’s why He sometimes harshly corrects you.

G: Pastor Murray often changes the Biblical words as they are written in English. He then refers to the "original manuscript" Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew translations which often have a different "spin" (word meaning) than the Bible text does in English. If what Murray says is accurate, then the modern English-written Bible is not accurate. Therefore, the modern, "God-Inspired" Bible is contradictory and is flawed. Pastor Murray - you can not have it both ways.

If you are a sincere student of the Bible - as it is written in English - and if you want to document valid Biblical errors - check out: "The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy" by C. Dennis McKinsey:


G: If the manuscripts differences that Pastor Murray refers to are correct - they prove that the content of the English-written Bible is incorrect. What does that say about your sacred, "God-inspired" English-written Bible? If the ancient manuscripts correctly contradict the modern, English-written Bibles, how valid is pastor Murray's authoritative and heart-felt quote: "I promise you as a scholar of the manuscripts, there are no contradictions in God’s word, just misunderstandings by people."?

Pastor Murray is quite amusing when he often uses his "Goofy voice" to publicly ridicule and talk-down to what he calls "Biblically Ignorant" people. Then, Murray, of course, denies that he talks-down or ridicules anyone. His hypnotic "praise-punish" techniques are quite cleaver. Can you become aware of them? He is being broadcast many hours per day on over 300 world-satellite TV stations. The hypnotic God-virus must be an epidemic for Pastor Arnold Murray to afford to do this. I know. I personally bought his "Companion Bible" to see what he reads from and some of his tapes that I wanted to study in depth.

I personally value Pastor Murray's Bible chapter and verse approach. Pastor Murray displays passion, intensity and courage when exposing C&V relevancy and facts. Admittedly, he often seems to go where no man has gone before, but I learn much from what proves to be relevantly insane from him.

Murray found the hidden C&V meaning in Leviticus of "uncovering his father’s nakedness" concerning Ham uncovering his father (Noah's) nakedness. It means that Ham had sex with Noah's wife, his mother. That is one example of Murray's in-depth research that impressed me.


Controversial Murray Quotes



M: Are you a can-do, let’s git-it-on type Christian?


M: Anyone who comes against Christianity or tries to get in our way of serving Jesus Christ becomes our enemy. It is not healthy to be an enemy of Christianity.


M: It is proper to remove what is unfit.


G: Murray is always on a crusade to remove anything or anyone that he does not approve of. He threatens physical harm but he is old (born in 1929) and it’s all hypnotic, praise-punishment, lip action. Is Murray saying: You will live by my / our values in your life with my / our God being the center of those values or we will war with you as an enemy - and then our God will send you to Hell? Murray is an out-front Christian bully - who crusades to steal your life to serve his cause - by threat of "might makes right" and Hell.


M: God sacrificed His son on the cross because God is totally and completely fair. 


G: God is a fair father? Under US criminal law, if a father was guilty of having his son tortured to death, he would be on death row. But, the USA is a Christian nation who worships this God. What pure insanity!


M: You must love, trust and obey God.


G: Murray often projects that God, being Jesus, sacrificed Himself on the cross to show you the way to sacrifice to Him. "Pick up your cross and follow Jesus". He insists that your sacrifice to God is to love God. Murray projects love to be sacrifice. That is a sacrifice to the Biblical God that I can not make.


M: "Moses freed the people from Egypt. Jesus frees you from the sins of this world - when you allow Jesus to be the captain of you life. When you allow him to lead you, to guide you, to direct you, to touch you..."


G: I view that these are the specific things that Murray wants you to allow him to do to you. Unchecked, Arnold Murray, like Adolf Hitler, would rule the world. He coat-tails his God's assumed entitlement and authority. Pastor Arnold Murray feels entitled and he expects believers to support, promote, and finance his ministry. Apparently, with well-over 300 TV stations broadcasting many hours almost every day of the every week, his brand of hypnosis works.


M: Never complain about having to fulfill your role in the flesh - though it is painful sometimes. He (Jesus) showed you how to do it with humility, glory and with justice.


G: If "love" is an out of control genetic feeling, the Biblical God may not get many true-love "brides". I am a man and being a "bride" of anything just does not appeal to my genetic makeup. Besides, in the Judeo-Christian religions, one must get screwed in order to consummate the marriage. Nope. Not by the Biblical God - thank you. I’ve read God’s Bible C&V rap-sheet. I've sized up His tyrannical attitude, and - real or fictional - I don’t like this character. Arnold Murray, Jerry Falwell and other power-crazy authoritarians deserve to spend eternity with the Biblical God.


M: I will fight for your right to worship and for freedom of religion.


G: But, would you fight for my right not to worship and for my freedom from religion?


M: The penalty for not believing is Hell.


II Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine and correction…


G: Now we know why Bible believers say: "The Bible is true because it was "God inspired". Often believers claim that something is true because they heard it come out of their own mouth.


M: “Righteous” means doing what is right.


G: Was it “righteous” for God to kill all the first-born of Egypt just to let everyone know who was God? Was God fair to do all the documented "God Murders" as listed at: http://www.thegodmurders.com/id91.html


Most murderers somehow felt entitled to take another's life. Those murderers were no more "righteous" than the Biblical God proved to be.


M: Don’t give man glory. Give God glory.


G: This confirms that our experience called life is all for the Biblical God’s pleasure. Yet, Pastor Arnold Murray often boasts that he is a God-Blessed member of the "Elect". By doing that, doesn't Murray glorify himself?


M: As a Christian, God gives you the power and the authority to do His will. If you don’t do His will - or if you do another's will - God will send you to Hell.


M: Fit, forgiven Christians get to Heaven. Unfit, un-forgiven sinners go to Hell. God destroys His unfit children and that is just, fair and honorable.


G: If God destroys His unfit children and that is just, fair and honorable - Doesn't that sound like Islam’s traditional practice of “honor killing” their family members. Recently, World News broadcast a story of an Islamic family wanting to "honor kill" their daughter for wanting to convert to Christianity.


Ezekiel 18:4 All souls belong to God.


M: You don’t get around to giving your soul to God. God’s already got it to do what God wants to do with it - to find eternal life or to be sent to Hell. Your soul is God’s. You are God’s property. God owns you. You don't question God. That will get you severe punishment.


G: Pastor Murray, even US law has abolished slavery. The last US state to ratify the anti-slavery law was Mississippi in 1995. What? 1995! Shocking - isn't it?


M: The Millennium is to teach you discipline - to keep your mind on God instead of yourself. If, after the discipline teaching of God’s word in the Millennium you still can’t obey God’s word, your soul is no good and you will perish. We (I) don’t want you around - if you don’t have the discipline to love God and obey God, you deserve the pit. You are nothing. You are trash and should not be around. We don't want any trouble-makers. Trouble-makers go into the pit - the lake of fire. God! Do you see the love?


G: You have got to give it to Arnold Murray. Whether he believes this crap or not - he proves to be such a sweetheart to be around. My Gawd, to think of the stuff Murray's sons must have endured. Other than during a public debate - it may be best that we never meet face to face. Based on his public psychological assaults on humanity, Arnold Murray deserves to be taken behind the woodshed.


Pastor Dennis Murray publicly confessed during a program: God’s “elect” have no free-will. I have no free-will. We just serve God on His terms.


G: Because Arnold Murray constantly pushes how God's children must love, serve and sacrifice for their Heavenly Father - can you possibly imagine how Arnold's sons have had to love, serve and sacrifice for him? Can you imagine what "going behind the woodshed" means to them?


M: King Nebuchadnezzar wrote the 4th chapter of Daniel in the Bible.


G: The "in control" Biblical God turned on His own “Chosen Jews” by having King Nebuchadnezzar attack, kill and capture them in Jerusalem. about 587 BC. This King took the surviving Jews to Babylon. God killed and captured His "chosen" to teach them another lesson. Nebuchadnezzar was God’s chosen-people’s enemy. God was again a traitor of the worst kind to His chosen people. Nebuchadnezzar was favored by God as God inspired the King to write a portion of God’s "holy / sacred / God-inspired" Bible.


M: Satan is chained in Heaven by God’s Arch-Angel Michael. But, Satan’s "Evil Spirit" - just like God’s "Holy Spirit" is free to roam and patrol the Earth.


G: Would you care to explain Murray's claim to a group of educated scientists?



Pastor Murray on Easter

Tape 573

M: In Acts 12:4 "Easter" is only mentioned once in the Bible. But, it is different in Greek. The Greek word means "Passover". Easter is a word, in error, that has been added to God’s word. The traditions of men make void the word of God.

M: Ishtar was a Goddess, the Queen of Heaven. An egg fell from heaven. Fish rolled it to the bank. Doves sat upon it and out hatched Ishtar. From that comes Easter, an idolatrous, heathen spring festival tradition. The egg symbolizes fertility, the Queen of fertility, Ishtar, Venus.

M: Each year at the festival, each female, was forced to participate at least once in an open free-for-all orgy. Are you hearing what Easter really is? Most people, in ignorance, don’t understand what they are doing at Ishtar.

M: Easter does not come from the Passover of Jesus, the crucifixion. It is a sin to connect the two - if you have knowledge of it. Christian churches today, roll Easter eggs, teach fertility rights at Easter rather than teach Jesus was our Passover lamb. Roll Easter eggs? Satan loves it. It’s heathenism in our own Christian communities. The traditions of man have seduced the houses of God. As if this were not enough, they bring in The Easter Rabbit. Have you ever heard: "Quick like a Bunny?" Are you getting the point, friend?

M: It’s not funny. Ignorance is bliss? How quick Christians are swayed to the traditions and thoughts of man rather than the truth and simplicity of our Father’s word. It’s a disgrace, a shame, that they would enjoy and rather take part in orgies. (Enjoy orgies? What?) We wonder why God does not bless us when we are out rolling Easter eggs to Ishtar. It’s a shame that egg from Heaven didn’t break.

G: Wow! Pastor Arnold Murray is a courageous preacher! All clergy put spins on their sermons. Some are more interesting than others.

More of Pastor Murray:

M: God gave Satan the power (mission?) to come to Earth to tempt man. That is what this Earth age is about. Man is born innocent. Your soul came in the world to choose to serve Satan or God. God allows it. It’s part of God’s plan. Satan will be destroyed. He is the only entity, other than his 7,000 that are already sentenced to death.

M: God hated Esau and loved Jacob (before they were born) because of the souls He (God) placed in those babies.

M: The flesh body goes to dust and remains on Earth. We are transformed / transfigured to a spiritual body, all probably about age 30. Our clothes in Heaven are adorned by our work on Earth. If you did not work much for God on Earth means you will be almost naked in Heaven. Your pets will also be in heaven. None will be carnivores.

M: You blaspheme against The Holy Spirit by not allowing Him to speak through you.

Pastor Arnold Murray: What is a cult?

M: Every teacher should insist that students do think for themselves - not much of a teacher if they do not. Only a cult will take away the opportunity to openly ask questions. Only a cult would take away your personal thoughts. (In his Goofy voice): “Do not question. Do not try to understand. Just do as we say”. That’s a cult. “You will fly through the big heavens even though the Bible doesn’t say so, you must believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt”. Now, who am I calling a cult? Those who insist you don’t think for yourself.


G: Do I, GWD, believe, follow or blindly obey? No! I believe (commit to) absolutely nothing concerning religion, except to figure out it’s hypnotic hold over people. That way, I am free to experience and remain open-minded to learn everything people are exposed to or exploited, blackmailed and pressured by. I am interested in how competing religions, which after study, I consider to be primitive politics (power and profit over people) affect people. People use gods and religions to compete for authority over other people, while sucking support and money from them.

People tend to support because they want support and money from others. GWD





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