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The Bible According To DeVaney
Women in Jesus Christ's lineage



Women In Jesus Christ's Lineage 


by Gary DeVaney



Eve - Sarah - Rebekah - Leah - Tamar - "Rahab the Harlot" - Ruth - Bathsheba and "The Virgin Mary" were the names of the women who the "holy" Bible documented to be in the lineage / bloodline of Jesus Christ. The Bible describes these women to be liars, tricksters, hookers, adulterers, and participants of incest, pre-marital sex and supernatural nonsense.


Adam’s wife was Eve.


Eve, made from Adam’s rib, had sex with both Satan and Adam. Eve conceived Satan’s son Cain and Adam’s son Abel. See: http://www.thegodmurders.com/id74.html 


How do you tell the Adam & Eve story?


For a good link on Eve:






Abraham’s wife was Sarah.


Twice, Abraham sold / "pimped" his wife, Sarah, to two different Kings and they received much wealth.


Because God had made Sarah barren, Sarah suggested and then gave to Abraham (her half-brother / husband), Hagar, her Egyptian handmaid, for sex and children. Sarah cruelly had Hagar "female circumcised" so that Hagar could not enjoy sex with Abraham.


Some Islamic circles have the "female circumcision" story of Hagar.


Sarah gave birth to her only son, Isaac, at age 90 - long after her documented menopause.



Isaac's wife was Rebekah. They had Jacob.


For a good link on Rebekah:





Jacob's wife was Leah.


Leah, Jacob's first wife and his first cousin, had Judah. Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah. Leah was not Jacob's favorite. Rachel, her sister was. Jacob also married cousin Rachel and 2 others. Leah introduced the use of Mandrakes, the Biblical version of Viagra. Leah traded Mandrakes with Rachel in Gen 30:14 so that she could have a night of sex with Jacob.

Judah’s hooker was Tamar, his unbeknown daughter-in-law.


Tamar sold sex to Judah one time - who got her pregnant. Judah was going to kill Tamar - until she proved, by items of payment, that Judah was the father. He never married Tamar. She had twins. Her "illegitimate" twin in Jesus Christ's blood lineage was named Perez.


For a good link on Tamar:





“Rahab the Harlot”.


A harlot is a prostitute, a woman who sells sex. "Rahab the Harlot" was NOT an Israelite. God often killed His “chosen” Israelites for marrying outside their "sacred" bloodline. Rahab was a definite exception. Rahab was also a traitor to her own people - the people of Jericho. With Rahab's traitorous help, the people of Jericho were all killed - every man, woman and child - except for Rahab and her family.


The Israelite priest Salmon married Rahab the Harlot. 


Salmon and Rahab the Harlot had their son Boaz.


Boaz married Ruth the Moabite. 


Ruth was also NOT of the sacred Israelite bloodline. Ruth 2:2


Ruth seduced and had sex with Boaz before marriage.


Ruth and Boaz had Obed - who was the father of Jesse - who was the father of King David.


For a good link on Ruth: http://www.womeninthebible.net/1.13.Ruth.htm


Two women, Rahab and Ruth, who were genetically close to King David, were definately OUT of God's "sacred" Israelite bloodline.


Rahab the Harlot was King David's great, great grandmother.


Ruth was King David's great grandmother.


Obed's wife was King David's grandmother.


Jesse's wife was King David' mother.


For a good link on Ruth:




Including Tamar, who sold sex to Judah, Rahab the Harlot and Ruth the Moabite, Jesus Christ's "sacred" genetic Israelite bloodline was well compromised, in more ways than one, before King David.


Of course, if King David's lineage and genetic bloodline went through Joseph - as documented - and Joseph was not Jesus' genetic father - none of this matters. Naturallly, apologists would then weaken integrity by insisting that one or both lineages illustrated in Matthew and Luke are Mary's. Either way, the Jews do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as their savior / messiah. All the men listed may have been Israelites - but as we have seen -  not all of their wives were Israelites.  




King David married Bathsheba - along with many others.


Bathsheba first committed adultery with David and later had her son, Solomon, with King David. King David either raped or seduced Bathsheba. Then David murdered Bathsheba's husband.


For a good link on Bathsheba:






“The Virgin Mary”, who some claim to be about 13-years-old, supernaturally got impregnated by "The Holy Spirit". Some Catholics maintain that Mary maintained her "virginity" throughout her life. This is impossible for if Jesus Christ was born of natural childbirth through Mary's vaginal cannel, her virginity is gone and that ends that debate.


Furthermore, if Mary maintained her virginity, she was just living with Joseph and never was legally married. Under Hebrew law, marriage had to be consummated by sex. Those same Catholics claim that Jesus' brothers and sisters were Joseph's kids from another marriage. Do you have Biblical documentation that Joseph had kids by a previous marriage? I do not. 


For a good link on The Virgin Mary:






The "Trinity" dogma claims that Jesus Christ is God and that Jesus is also "The Holy Spirit". If that be correct, then Jesus Christ impregnated His Own mother to produce Himself. How can a believer be upset with that if he or she claims to believe in the Trinity?



Does anyone have any more examples or names of women in Jesus Christ's lineage?





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