The Epilogue Of Retired Gods

The Epilogue of Retired Gods


Gary DeVaney

Influenced by

Jack Nicholson



Once, long ago and far away, there was a story that went around about a powerful God with an ugly attitude. He waspowerful and He thought that men were only interested in Him because He was powerful. But, He wanted men to be interested in Him because He was God.

The problem was, besides His being powerful, He just wasn’t that interesting. Oh, He was rude, hostile, sulking, moody, wrathful, jealous, malicious, murderous and dangerous. He also had strict slave-like rules, standards and principles that frightened men and stripped any identity away from women.



This God wanted a chosen-few to be special and to look past all that to the real God, underneath. However, the only reason any man would bother to look past all that was because He was powerful and dangerous. Ironic, isn’t it?

Eventually, that God’s power faded and He was all alone with all His self-hating characteristics; sad and angry – that He couldn’t die.




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