Elijah Destroys The Messengers Of Ahaziah




Gary DeVaney

I Kings 18:22 & 40 Elijah, God’s prophet, slit the throats of 450 Baal prophets.

My Gawd! God’s man Elijah slit the throats of 450 men of another religion? Elijah certainly performs the usual qualification to be God’s man. Would you want Elijah to baby-sit your kids?

II Kings 1:9-12 Elijah ordered God to murder, toast, and instant won-ton, by fire,102 soldiers.

Similarly, Joshua had ordered God to make the Sun stand still so that Joshua could finish all God’s murdering of men, women and children so to steal their land. God takes orders from His murderous men.

II Kings 1:16-17 Elijah told King Ahaziah: Because the King sent messengers to inquire about Beelzebub, he will die. King Ahaziah died.

II Kings 2:8 Elijah struck the river Jordan and it divided. Both Elijah and Elisha walked over on dry land. Once there, God sent flaming horses and chariots between them and took Elijah (without dying) up to Heaven in a whirlwind.

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