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The Judeo-Christian-Islamic God is all the same “One God of Abraham” as introduced in Genesis. Abraham’s sons 1st Ishmael (by Hagar) and 2nd Isaac (by Sarah) and are the roots of what became Islam and Christianity.

Muslims believe that Muhammad was the descendant of Ishmael, who would establish a great nation, as promised by the “One God of Abraham” in the Old Testament.

The Biblical God told Hagar that “she would bear a wild ass of a man” fighting everybody and everybody fighting him.

My Gawd! Am I starting to believe! Na.

Genesis 12:12-19 Abraham told his wife / half-sister Sarah to lie. As a result Pharaoh said: Why did you say she is my sister so that I took her for my wife? Catholic.


Abraham, God’s hero, tells his wife / half-sister Sarah to lie.

Unlike the KJV, the Catholic version states that the Pharaoh said: I took her for my wife. Did Pharaoh have sex with Sarah? Idealistic believers would automatically insist no.

Under Hebrew law, a marriage is not a marriage and a wife is not legally a wife unless the union is consummated by sex. Oh, what to believe! Did Pharaoh have sex with Sarah? Again, Pharaoh said: I tookher for my wife. What would a religious fundamentalist say?

Genesis 13:2 Now, Abram was rich in livestock, silver and gold.

Was Abraham our first pimp? Did old, “Honest Abe” gain this wealth by being a con-man and a pimp for his wife, Sarah? Do you think Abraham and Sarah would ever try this pimp-agenda again? It was profitable.

Genesis 16:1-10 Sarah gave to Abraham Hagar, her handmaid, for sex and children. Abraham had intercourse with Hagar who conceived Abraham’s son, Ishmael.

So Abraham, the swinger, had sex with Sarah’s servant, Hagar the Egyptian, with Sarah’s consent? Maybe Sarah, the swinger, did have sex with Pharaoh.

Pimping. Old Testament style. by Standard Girl.

Abraham, Hagar, & Sarah – The Bible’s First Threesome?



Abraham – By Sarah’s Suggestion – Impregnated Hagar

Pregnant Hagar looked with contempt on her mistress Sarah, so Sarah abused Hagar and Hagar left. An Angel of God said to Hagar: Go back to your mistress and submit yourself to her abusive treatment. Catholic

God`s Angel?

God’s Angel told hagar to go back to Sarah’s abuse. Would God be a good Judge in a domestic violence case?


How can an unchanging / pure / good / fair / just God possibly approve of Sarah’s abuse of Hagar? Is adultery conditional, by consent, in God’s eyes? Did Sarah, the mother of the Judeo-Christian religion abuse Hagar by female circumcision? How could a good / loving / sensitive / moral God send Hagar back for more abuse? Doesn’t God control His messengers / Angels?

Does God also show virtue by condoning Sarah’s assault / abuse of Hagar? Aren’t prisons full of righteous, God-like, Christian wife-abusers and child-beaters? Today, statistically, more women are murdered in the United States of America by domestic violence than by any other single means.

Azizah Y. Al-Hibri Ph.D.; Law professor, Islamic: One commentary says: Sarah was so mad at Hagar because of Abraham’s attention that she decided to mutilate her in some way to make her less interesting. And, that’s how female-circumcision started.

Azizah Y. Al-Hibri Ph.D

Whoa! What? Really? Sarah! That’s despicable! Sarah, are you really the mother of two main religions? Is mutilating a woman’s sex organs part of your Judeo-Christian ethic? If so, Sarah, shame on you – big time! Did Abraham and Hagar start, through the prophet, Mohammed, the Islamic religion by having Ishmael?

Genesis 18:22 The Lord remained standing before Abraham.

Really? Face to face?

Exodus 33:20 God states: No man sees My face and lives.

Can this possibly qualify as a Bible contradiction?

Genesis 18:25 Abraham asked God about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra: Far be it from You to do such a thing, to make the innocent die with the guilty? Should not the judge of all the world act with justice?

Nah – God destroys them anyway. Did Abraham question the morality, fairness, and decency of God, and live? Did Abraham, like Moses did twice in Exodus 32:11-14 and Numbers 14:13-20, attempt to teach God morality?

Abraham and Moses both questioned God fairness and morality and seeing God lacking, actually tried to make corrections.

In Genesis 20 Abraham and Sarah, again, pass themselves off to King Abimelech as brother and sister. The same, pimp and hook, con-job happens again. The King catches the con-game in time, yet, he pays off Abraham with herds, gold, and land.

Image result for gold


Herds                     Gold                                    Land

Shame on both Abraham and Sarah, the father and mother of the Judeo-Christian religions!

Genesis 20:12 Abraham had married his half-sister (Sarah). They had the same father and different mothers.

Incest! Many of God’s main heroes: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his 12 tribes / sons, and later, Moses are products of or participated in incest. If the Biblical God was in control and incest was His preferred agenda to produce His heroes, how can God condemn incest in Leviticus? How can incest be illegal today – if God can’t be wrong?

Genesis 21:14 Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away.

Hagar & Ishmael


Does this also indicate that Abraham was a “dead-beat” dad to Ishmael?

Genesis 22:1-12 Abraham was stopped just short of murdering his own son, Isaac – because God ordered it.


Does this also indicate that Abraham was a “dead-beat” dad?

Genesis 22:1-12 Abraham was stopped just short of murdering his own son, Isaac – because God ordered it.


        What’s Going On, Dad?         God, Wants Me To Sacrifice You.                                       

God, I Am Really Pissed!



Alright, It Is All For Your Pleasure.  Son, This Is Going To Hurt.   



You Countermand God’s Order?       Don’t Tell Your Mother.


God Stopped Abraham’s Child Sacrifice? 

God Accepted Jephthah’s Child Sacrifice?  

God Sacrificed His Own Child, Jesus Christ?


Catholic Recap: God promises Abraham, age 75, to be the father of nations. When Sarah is 76 she sends Hagar, her Egyptian handmaid, in to have sex with Abraham, then 86. Abraham consents to adultery which produces Ishmael – and about 4,000 years of war in the Middle East. Sarah hears God say that she will have a child and laughs at God’s words. She lies to God by denying it. Still, when Abraham is 100, God rewards Sarah, 90, for her role in His plan and gives her Isaac (which means laughter) whom Abraham almost sacrifices. After Isaac’s “called-off” sacrifice, never again is there any Biblical conversation between Isaac (or Sarah) and Abraham.

Some parents are horrified by this story of God’s child abuse. What is a dysfunctional family or a dysfunctional god? The Koran has scenarios whereby Abraham and Ishmael later built monuments together in Mecca.

Genesis 24:35 God gave Abraham male and female slaves.

Isn’t this Chapter and Verse evidence that the “good” Biblical God condones slavery? How can it not be? As long as one Bible exists, these controversial C&Vs won’t go away.

Genesis 25:1-6 After Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah and had 6 more sons. He had some other kids by some concubines.

Abraham, the old stud, died at 175 years of age.




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