Gary DeVaney

In the beginning, there was The Book of Genesis. And, it was good. Only much later did different people think of it in different ways”. (Cover of Time Magazine, October 1996)

This is “The Creation”, as presented by the Torah, the Hebrew 5-book origin of The Old Testament. The King James and Catholic versions both came, Chapter and Verse, from The Torah.

I, Gary DeVaney, took specific, controversial C&V selections from each of these 3 sources in my investigation and documentation of this work.

Question: Perceive that there was no book of Genesis. What would the creationists have then?

Perspective: Nothing. Without Genesis, practicing Christians have no basis for creationism, unless they wish to steal any of the hundreds of other creation stories from other cultures. The Genesis story is totally stolen from other cultures, but, practicing Christian creationists will never admit it.

Genesis chapters 1 & 2: There are two conflicting versions of:

“The Creation”

To have a creation, you must have a creator.

To have a creator, you must have a creator etc, etc, etc…


Who Created God?


1st Day

Genesis 1:1 God created Heaven and Earth.

Genesis 1:2 & 1:9 both state: The Earth was covered by water first.

Genesis 2:6 states: The Earth was land first; a stream came up watering the ground.

A contradiction? Genesis 2:6 conflicts with Genesis 1:2 & 1:9 – water 1st, not land 1st.

Genesis 1:3 Then, God said: Let there be light.

What? There was light on the 1st day? How? When you learn that God doesn’t make the Sun and the Moon until the 4th day as documented in Genesis 1:14-17, you may realize and acknowledge that this is a Bible contradiction.

Before creation, if God had existed forever, did God grope around in the dark before God said “Let there be light”? If the unchanging God could see in the dark and man is created in God’s image, 1st, after all that time, why did God need light – and 2nd, why can’t man see in the dark? Are you positively certain that man did not create God?

2nd Day

Genesis 6:8 God separated the water on Earth with the sky.

What? God spent a whole day of creation to do what? 

3rd Day

Genesis 1:9 God separated dry land from the seas.

Genesis 1:11 God made vegetation.

Did God make vegetation before God made man?

4th Day

Genesis 1:14-17 God made the Sun and the Moon.


So, where did the light come from on the 1st day according to Genesis 1:3 when God said: Let there be light? If the Sun was not created until the 4th day, how was a 24 hour day determined? The Bible is not a well-written book.

Genesis 1:31 God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good.

The perfect, all-knowing Biblical God was pleased with His “perfect” creation. But later:

Genesis 6:5-6 God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the Earth, and it grieved Him at His heart.

The perfect, all-knowing Biblical God repented / was sorry that He had made man? This supernatural Biblical God has a heart?


5th Day

Genesis 1:20-22 God created living sea-monsters and flying-creatures.


Isn’t it interesting that no species of Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible? The word Behemoth is mentioned but that is a poor representation of all the awesome Dinosaur fossils discovered along with other pre-historic animals. Science claims that today, over 99% of all life-forms that ever existed on Earth are now extinct. If so, what does that say about the Biblical God – the creator?

Are Over 99% Of All Of “God’s Created Species” now Extinct?

6th Day

Genesis 1:24-25 God created land animals.

Behold! Here God created “land animals” first before God created man.

Genesis 1:26 God said: Let US create man in OUR image.

Who did the Biblical God say this to? Obviously, God is not alone.

Genesis 1:26 God instructed man to dominate and subdue the Earth and its life forms.

Is God’s documented instruction the basis for man’s domination and future terrorism over all of Earth’s life forms – including other men? Does the Biblical God character prove to be a terrorist who inspired a terrorist handbook called the Bible? Will God have men murdering men in the future?

Genesis 1:27 God created man, male and female.

Were Adam and Eve the first Human Beings created on Earth?



33,000 years old? Humm?

Pastor Arnold Murray claims: No! Human Beings – not Adam and Eve – were of “The 6th Day Creation“.

Pastor Murray claims that Adam and Eve were created special on the8th day to begin a genetic lineage for Jesus Christ.

Murray often does go where no man has gone before – in my judgment. Yes, I do make judgments. Do you make important decisions without using judgment? Would you teach your child to cross a busy street without using judgment?

If Human Beings were created on the 6th day, what source is documented to have explained to them the events of the 1st 5 days? If God explained it to them, why wasn’t that important enough to be documented? Without learned language, how did Adam and Eve communicate and understand God or themselves? 

Genesis 1:28 God commanded for man to conquer the land and todominate everything.

God Said: Conquer & Dominate

God’s Biblical commands validate why men become tyrants. The Holy Bible is quickly shaping up to become a tyrant and terrorist handbook – if you could dare to see it that way.

7th Day

Genesis 2:3 God ceased from all work on the 7th day.

Does the Biblical God need sleep? Why would God stop or need rest? God is all-powerful, isn’t He?

Did God rest for 1 Earth day or for 1,000 Earth years?

2 Peter 3:8 One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Psalm 90:4 For a thousand years in God’s sight is like a day.

Unlike Pastor Arnold Murray, who claims that Adam and Eve were created on the 8th day and were not the first Human Beings, most clergy view that Adam and Eve were the first Human Beings created on the 6th day.

The Bible claims that Adam was formed out of clay and that Eve was formed from one of Adam’s ribs. How scientific are those specific claims?

God Formed Eve From One Of Adam’s Ribs?

Do Men Miss A Rib?

How can a logical, reasonable person not question the validity of the Bible?

Most practicing believers believe the Bible documents that Adam and Eve were created on the 6th day.

If Adam and Eve were actually created on the 6th day and God was out of the picture for the whole 7th day / 1000 Earth years, then Adam and Eve had to be over 1000 Earth years old when God worked with them again. But Genesis 5:5 documents that Adam lived only 930 years. Does anyone else find this contradictory and confusing?

In this 1st version, God created man and woman simultaneously and equal on the 6th day. Animals and everything else already existed.

Note: Bible input deems that Mankind was created about 6,000 years ago.

The 2nd Version


Genesis 2:5 No shrubs or plants existed; no rain, no man yet to work the ground.

Genesis 2:7 God formed Man out of the ground.

What? In this 2nd version, man was formed out of the ground beforeGod made plants and animals? This Biblical myth is also doubtful because what would man eat?

1st, science proves that a human being cannot be formed in a 24-hour-day out of mere Earth dirt.

2nd, science proves that a living woman cannot be formed in a 24-hour-day merely out of a man’s rib.

Q: Believer: Why did you write these 2 obvious absurdities?

A: Because the Bible claims these absurdities and practicing Judeo-Christian believers claim to believe the Bible. If there was more to the story, then the Bible is poorly written and sorely lacking in understandable structure and content. The Bible, so far, shows no logical or reasonable merit. Why do believers insist on believing this extreme nonsense? Why do they then impose their nonsensical beliefs on others?

Genesis 2:7-9 does conflict with Genesis 1:11 & Genesis 1:27. How can believers believe in a Bible that proves to conflict with Itself?

Of course “I believe” ultimately admits that “I don’t know”. If one absolutely knows, one says “I know”. If a believer’s belief is proven to them to be false, the believer immediately claims: I said that I believed it. I did not say that I knew it. Why would anyone follow or buy into another’s “I don’t knows”.

Some “authorities” claim that the “J” (Jehovist / Yahweh) version and the “E” (Elohim) version are from two schools of authorship – not from 2 individuals. “J” was from Judea / Jerusalem and “E” was from northern Israel. Two additional sources were the “D” Deuteronomist and the “P” Priestly. “R” then combined all four sources into the first four books of the Torah – then added Deuteronomy – the fifth book. 

Many credit Moses for writing the Torah’s content. The Torah’s C&V contents do not claim Moses to be its author. Moses’ birth and early life was associated with Egypt.

Egypt was one of the ancient cultures that started a myth of creation; but the Hebrews / Jews did not buy into Egypt’s version of creation noranyone else’s afterlife myths.

Satan and Hell were not in the Jewish religion until Nebuchadnezzarcaptured Jerusalem in about 586 BC.

Captured Jews were taken to Babylon (Iraq) where Zoroastrianism Hell was taught to them in captivity. The New Testament myth of Jesus Christ capitalized on Hell’s “Eternal-Torment”. Satan became God’s adversary. Practicing Christians required Jesus Christ to be their“savior”. There is no substantial historyof Jesus Christ outside of The New Testament

Genesis 2:11-12 There’s especially good gold, pearls and precious stones. (Torah)


Gold               Pearls           Precious Stones

So what? Other than a monkey’s attraction to shiny objects, with no commercial / barter system in place, what’s the point?

Genesis 2:15 God placed man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and take care for it. Catholic

First, in Genesis 1:28 God gave man dominion over the Earth and now man is confined to a garden – and he hasn’t even sinned yet.  

So obviously, God does change His mind! How can God be “omnipotent” (all knowing) and always in control if God changes His mind? Most believers demand that you believe that God never changes His mind and is the same from “The Alpha to the Omega”. Under what circumstance would a practicing Judeo-Christian-Islamic believer ever admit that he or she is wrong? 

Rabbi Burton Visotsky PhD: God is alone in the Universe.

If God fills the Universe, how can God create anything? God is afraid that if man is alone, he will think.

Some clergy, like Rabbi Visotsky, have claimed that God was alone and lonely God created man. Due to God’s words “us” and “our” in Genesis 1:26 – and later in Genesis – another myth refers to “The Sons of God” – obviously, these clergy are in error. God was not alone before He was claimed to have created mankind. Jesus and Satan both existed since the beginning of creation. According to the Bible, God was not alone.

Gen 2:17 God said to Adam: In the day (KJV) on the day (Torah) in the moment (Catholic) you eat of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”, you shall surely die.

Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil?

Did the Biblical God lie when God said that Adam and Eve would “surely die” if they ate of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”?

Genesis 5:5 Adam died at 930 years old.

This C&V conflicts with Genesis 2:17 “in or on the day (especially) in the moment that you eat the forbidden fruit, you shall surely die.”

As there was no “spiritual” death in the OT. The serpent, who was then put on his belly for the rest of his finite life, told the truth while God lied concerning “In the day” (KJV) “on the day” (Torah) “in the moment” (Catholic) you will surely die wording to Adam and Eve.

Peter 2:3 may try to spin “in the day” claiming that one day for God is a thousand years – but it can’t spin “in the moment”. It is the Jewish Rabbi who needs to straighten out Christian clergy as to “God’s truth” within the words of the Old Testament – for the “Torah” (1st 5 books of the Old Testament) IS the book of the Jews. 

Genesis 2:18-22 God wanted Adam to have a compatible helper so God formed out of the ground various animals. Adam named each living thing and found no helper. While asleep, God built what He took from the man into a woman.

So, God formed man from out of the ground before God formed animals from out of the ground. Man was made from the same dirt that animals were made from. That does not set man apart from animals any more than they are set apart from each other.

God made animals after God made Adam. Then God made woman from one of Adam’s ribs. Due to Chapters and Verses like this, many churches, even today, consider it sacrilege to espouse equal rights for women. What prejudice / hypocrisy!

So, God asked Adam what he wanted in a mate. Adam said: Cook, clean and great sex. God said: That will cost you an arm and a leg. Adam asked: What can I get for a rib? (Sometimes old jokes break the hypnotic tension.)

In one Bible story, God creates both Adam and Eve simultaneously in one act. That makes them equal. Later, in another story, God takes a rib from Adam to create Eve. Now, she is considered to be an inferior creature and a subordinate to Adam. The second story has Adam more divine than Eve because Adam was created first and was preferred by God. The second story is obviously inconsistent with the first story of Adam and Eve. Which story do you prefer? If you are male, and believe that you are superior to all women, you probably shouldn’t tell your mother, your sister, your girlfriend or your female boss.

Perspective: If Adam came from dirt, like the animals came from dirt, and Eve came from Adam’s living rib; then, didn’t Eve come from something more advanced than Adam? Adam came from dirt. Eve came from a Human gene base. Ergo, which, the man or the woman, came from superior stock?

Was the creation of man and woman a response to some need inside God? Can God, a supposed “perfect” being, need? Concerning Human males and females, does God start out by proving to be “just and fair”?

What was God’s motive to create mankind?

Pastor Arnold Murray claims that there was a “First Earth Age”whereby Satan went bad and wanted God’s throne. 1/3rd of Heaven’s Angels followed Satan so God created mankind for all those souls to live lives through so to judge those souls worthiness for serving God for eternity. Pastor Murray selects various Bible C&Vs to determine this scenario. It certainly is not a popular mainstream Bible dogma.

Genesis 2:19-21 God formed animals and birds from the ground. Adam gave them names.

Adam Names All The Animals?

This confirms that all animals came from the ground, not just mankind and that man originated on planet Earth and did not come from outer space.

Catholic Bible Note: In ancient Israel, a day was deemed to begin at sunset.

Does that sound crazy to you? Well, how about the fact that today, in the year 2004, our morning begins at 12 o’clock midnight. By nomenclature, how can “midnight” (the middle of the night) be morning? Our modern tradition is still nuts.

Genesis 2:25 They (Adam and Eve) were naked and not embarrassed by one another.

Genesis 3:1 The serpent was the most cunning of all animals. It asked questions of Eve.

The Bible says “Serpent” – not “Satan”.

The question is the highest form of thought. Satan proves to be a thinker. Thinking brings learning and change. God probably doesn’t like that. But, how can Human Adam or Eve understand any language that God or the Serpent speaks? 

Most fundamentalist Christian clergy insist that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was Satan. They charge that Satan tempted Eve. Eve shared the forbidden-fruit with Adam. This caused mankind to fall from the grace of God. This act of disobedience created sin. Due to this myth, many churches blame women for causing the “original sin” and this also has made women the lesser, inferior and subordinate Human Being as traditionalized by man’s poor treatment of women throughout recorded history. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions have not projected their “One God Of Abraham” to have treated women justly nor fairly.

I personally perceive that man is just another predator / animal that tends to be dominant and cruel to smaller, weaker and more ignorant animals. Men tend to kill and eat most of those animals. Men tend to often treat women authoritatively and cruelly simply because they can – as women do tend to be physically smaller and weaker. Enforceable modern laws have attempted to alter most of modern men’s authoritative and cruel behavior towards women. Evolved, modern laws are certainly a positive progress from God’s Biblical guidance concerning man’s treatment of women.

Genesis 3:2-5 Eve said to the Serpent: God told me: Eat the forbidden fruit and we will die. The (talking) Serpent said to Eve: Eat it and you will certainly not die. (This indicates that God lied to Eve.) God knows that on the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be as gods who know good and evil.

God stated exactly the same thing in Genesis 3:22 confirming the Serpent’s integrity. According to Bible C&V: God lied. The Serpent told the truth.

Adam and Eve ate of the “forbidden fruit” and they did not die.

Again, Genesis 5:5 documents that Adam lived to 930 years of age. Again, which one, God or the Serpent, frankly lied? Who did not tell the truth? Mindset believers will argue and spin that “surely die” means a “spiritual” death. What else can they say other than they are wrong believing that God couldn’t lie or deceive people. There is no qualification in Genesis that separates the word die (death) from what it means in later English-speaking C&V scripture. Dust to dust ismentioned. No “spiritual death” or “after-life” is mentioned in the Torah. 

Old Testament Hebrews claimed that God did it all. The Zoroastrianism influence taught to captive Jews captured by King Nebuchadnezzar from around modern-day Iraq in about 586 BC is what practicing Christians adopted to give rise to Afterlife / Heaven / Hell and “The Savior” (Jesus Christ).

Can The Biblical God Do All Things?

Can God Die?

Genesis 3:9 And God called Adam, and said him, where art thou?

God asked Adam where he was? Either God was ignorant and did not know where Adam was – or – God was deceptive by pretending not to know where Adam was. Did the Biblical writers create a God with Human qualities and limitations? Was Adam and Eve hardwired to understand language? What language did they speak? Did the “unchanging” Biblical God allow that language to survive? What people speak that language today?


God’s 1st Sin!

In Genesis 3:13 Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit and gave some to Adam. God asked Eve what she had done. Eve told God that the Serpent (Satan some claim) beguiled / tempted / enticed / moved (depending on the Bible version) Eve.

Didn’t Satan (by name) successfully move / tempt / beguile / entice the Biblical God in:

Job 2:3 God told Satan: You (Satan) moved / tempted / beguiled / enticed Me (God) against him (Job), to destroy him (Job), without cause.

Why would the Biblical God accuse Eve of “original sin” and then punish all of future Humanity for Eve’s “sin” when God (Himself) was also guilty of being successfully tempted / beguiled / moved / enticed by Satan? Tempted God, by documented Bible C&V deed, proved to be no stronger or less sinful than Eve, didn’t God?

Isn’t this the sinful / beguiled Biblical God’s unjust / unfair hypocrisy!  

Be honest, now. What does the Bible document C&V? How would you spin it differently? God being God is no legal / ethical / moral excuse.


The Order of Creation – From “The Thinking Atheist”:

Genesis 1:11-12 and 1:26-27 Trees came before Adam.

Genesis 2:4-9 Trees came after Adam.

Genesis 1:20-21 and 26-27 Birds were created before Adam.

Genesis 2:7 and 2:19 Birds were created after Adam.

Genesis 1:24-27 Animals were created before Adam.

Genesis 2:7 and 2:19 Animals were created after Adam.

Genesis 1:26-27 Adam and Eve were created at the same time.

Genesis 2:7 and 2:21-22 Adam was created first, woman sometime later.

Can you honestly tell another Human Being that the Bible has no contradictions?


Revisit: In Genesis 3:11-14 God questioned Adam. Adam snitched on Eve. Eve snitched on the Serpent. They all got punished.

It could have been worse, you say? God could have fulfilled His threat and killed them? What could be worse that condemning the Human Species to be born into sin that will cause them “Eternal-Torment”, pain and suffering for failing a scenario that God created? Reflect. What could be worse than that?

If one of God’s measurable days is 1000 Earth years, God is not“eternal” because God is affected by time. If God is affected by a day, which is a measurement of time, then logic reasons that God isaffected by time.

Some ancient Rabbinical comments: Women walk at the head of the funeral procession because woman brought death into the world. Why does a woman menstruate? Because, she shed the blood of Adam. This is her punishment and why it is called “the curse”.

The Snake is an ancient figure of wisdom and immortality. It sheds its skin and is “born again”.

The Snake, today, is used prestigiously, in identifying the medical profession. A caduceus is the modern professional medical-symbol that depicts the snake wraped around a pole. It is the symbol of healing and wisdom.

Genesis 3:14 God said to the Serpent: On your belly you shall crawl allthe days of your life.

Don’t some practicing Christians insist that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was Satan? If so, why has Satan NOT been depicted to be on his belly throughout history? He hasn’t. Isn’t Satan depicted to lookmostlylike a man? If Satan has “powers” and can change shape – then, God’s punishment of putting Satan on his belly for the rest of his life had little effect on him. God’s integrity and power, by His Own words, are diminished. Doesn’t “putting Satan on his belly for the rest of his life” also document that Satan has a limited lifespan?

Genesis 3:16 God promised woman to multiply her sorrow for conception of her children and that she would be ruled over by her husband.

The Biblical God is specific about women’s subservient role to men. So much for God’s being “just and fair” concerning Human equality.Actually, here God promised childbirth pain for women – and – goodbye equality.

Later however, the Queen of Sheba, at the time of King Solomon, ruled over, of all things, an Arab country.

Cleopatra, a Greek woman, was the last great Pharaoh of Egypt. Inconsistencies? Neither of these women were subordinate to men as God projected. Both powerful women had sex with powerful men for political purposes and advantages. What are these “models of virtue” teaching your daughters? Islamic women today are getting stoned to death for daring to drive cars. Islam worships the same One God of Abraham as do Jews and Christians.

Is the Biblical God the same one God for all time and for all people on planet Earth? No. Atheists – who have broken the fear-based, authoritative indoctrination and the religious hypnosis – certainly are exceptions. 

Genesis 3:17-19 To Adam, God said: Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree I forbid you, the ground shall be cursed because of you. You return to the ground from which you are taken; for you are dirt.

When God told Adam of his fate, does God mention any Afterlife – Heaven or Hell – Eternal-Torment? No.

Don’t believe me or any other man. Instead of relying on clergy or others to inform you, read the Bible for yourself. Wisdom cannot be taught. You are the only thinker in your entire universe. You can only think and decide what is fact for yourself.

Genesis 3:20 Adam called his wife Eve because she was the mother ofall the living.

Really! All the living? So, Eve is the mother of Crabs, Bats and Viruses? Obviously, this is another erroneous Biblical statement.

Genesis 3:22 God said: Man has now become like one of us in knowing good and evil.

Remember in Genesis 3:4-5 The (talking) Serpent said to Eve: God knows that on the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be as gods who know good and evil.

This is the Biblical God’s C&V confirmation that the Serpent told the truth in Genesis 3:2-4.

Did The Serpent (Satan) Have Sex With Eve To Produce Cain?

Genesis 3:23 God said He (Adam) must be prevented from taking from the Tree of Life and living forever. God banished man from the Garden of Eden.

1 Timothy 2:14 Adam was not deceived. The woman (Eve) wasdeceived and transgressed.

If this “perfect” Biblical God gave Adam and Eve “free will”, then God did not know how His “perfect creation” would use it. That proves that the Biblical God did not know-it-all and that God is not omnipotent. Also, how “free” is anything if there is a horrible price or consequence to pay?

“Free-will”? If just one Human Being on Earth truly has free-will, God is NOT in control.

If God never changes, God has NO free-will.

And, there is that US thing again. God is showing this to other gods? So, if man eats from the Tree of Life and Knowledge, he not only gets smart but he also gets the potential to live forever. That makes this Biblical God angry? Man gains judgment, without which he cannot make decisions, and God gets mad?

Conclusion: This “fruit” separated man from dumb animals and what appears beneficial to man obviously make this God angry. What’s so bad about distinguishing good from evil? Don’t you want your children to know good from evil, right from wrong? You would think that it was evil for who wants to stop you from knowing right from wrong, good from bad – but no. The Bible documents that it is the Biblical God who does not want Human Beings to know good from evil / right from wrong. Can you explain this to your child? 

Did the “all knowing” Biblical God put the “evil” Serpent in the Garden with ignorant and innocent Adam and Eve? Then, did the Biblical God throw tantrums and punish them and all their future children? Didn’t “know-it-all” God know that the Serpent would sabotage God’s plans, unless, in reality, that was God’s plan? If that was this “in charge” God’s plan – then Who proves to be EVIL? Did the Biblical God ever admit to create evil? Yes.

Doesn’t it take something imperfect to create something imperfect? Was God in fear of being judged good or evil? Was performing good and / or evil all the same to this God? Isn’t unauthorized knowledge like “National Security” considered evil by man just like it is by God? If this God should be evil, then, how would you know it unless you knew the difference between good and evil? Believers behave as if they do NOT know the difference between GOOD and EVIL concerning the Biblical God. By not knowing the difference, could evil have its way with you? Notice how God gets hostile once the difference is known. Why? Was God’s intent for man to remain as dumb as the animals? Rather than question God, would you prefer to be as dumb as animals? If so, why then get an education? Are kids who drop out of school just being “religiously correct”?


   Dumb               &            Dumber

Questions for God:

God, are You all-knowing?

God: Yes.

Did you create Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism?

God: Yes.

Which ones will make it into Heaven?

God: Only Christians.

So, why did you create the others – and – why condemn mankind if You knew that Adam and Eve would sin?

God’s answer: “As it is written – it is all for My pleasure.”

Bill Moyers wrote a great book titled “Genesis” containing perspectives by a mixed bag of world famous religious experts. Some were selected here due to their views concerning the Bible and its God. The words are intrinsically important within their own contexts. For who said what – get Bill’s book “Genesis”.

Quotes: Was man alone? Was Eve presented to Adam to serve as his helper? 

Does God put delicious, but “Forbidden Fruit”, in the middle of a garden? Then, does God create an “Evil Serpent” and place it near naive Adam and Eve? Is this a set up or what?

Does “The Serpent” ask the Bible’s first questions and initiate the first conversation?

So, are Adam and Eve not supposed to learn “The Knowledge Of Good And Evil”?

Is it because wisdom belongs to God alone?

God makes a command Eve turns into an option. Eve is the one who makes it all happen.

Do these Bible stories teach us about God or about ourselves? If it is about God, then, what about God?

Did Eve get Adam in trouble? Could “sin”, introduced by a woman, be but a bum rap?

God didn’t want Adam and Eve to grow up like parents don’t want their children to mature and become sexually aware. God is jealous.

The Bible sets it up that Adam either obeys God or the woman. Is one bad, one good?

Didn’t The Serpent, in essence, call God a liar? Did The Serpent prove God to be a liar?

Was God angry because God was disobeyed?

The Serpent can’t be right – for wouldn’t that make God wrong?

Did Eve trust The Serpent to tell the truth and not God?

Is the Bible’s first incident of trust, misplaced trust?

Why did God put forbidden fruit and The Serpent in the garden?

When God gave man choice, did He give man keys to vehicles that drive God nuts?

Why did this all-knowing God ask questions? Isn’t that more of a Human quality?

In ancient times, wasn’t the snake a symbol of fertility, wisdom and health?

Didn’t God even initially introduced prohibition, limitation and boundaries?

Adam and Eve both denied, pointed the finger and covered up. Great lessons God taught.

For Eve to be born from man (taken from his rib) is a reversal in reality.

Does God change His mood, shame His children and kick them out of the house?

What’s wrong if one knows that they are naked?

Does to be created in God’s image mean we are free to choose evil as well as good?

Was God insane and suffering from the beginning?

Genesis 4:1-2 Adam had sex with Eve. They beget Cain (1st) then Abel. (Twins)

Genesis 4:3-8 Cain brought a crop offering to God. God accepts Abel’s animal sacrifice and rejects Cain’s crop offering.

Hebrews 11:4 By faith, Abel offered to God a sacrifice greater than Cain’s.

Ok, whose idea was it to make the first offering to God? Cain, you say? Wow!

4:7 God said to Cain: If you do well, shall you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door


Ah, the definition of “sin” is “not doing well” according to God.

Genesis 4:8 Cain couldn’t handle God’s rejection and killed Abel.

Jealous Cain Killed God-Favored Abel

Couldn’t the know it all Biblical God see this coming? Was it fair of God to reject Cain? Was it because Cain did not sacrifice a living animal? Point blank: Why did the Biblical God reject Cain’s gift?

First, in the Bible, Humans are disobedient. Next is an offering to God. Then – murder.

Genesis 4:9 God asked Cain: Where is Abel thy brother?

Again, either God was ignorant or deceptive.

Cain asked God: Am I my brother’s keeper?

God created Abel. Cain certainly did not create Abel. Was this God’s project / experiment or was it Cain’s? Why did God create Cain the way he was? How did Abel, by faith and God’s grace, make out? Was God’s will done? Didn’t innocent Abel get killed on God’s watch? How can God be considered to be the protector of the innocent? Did God make a mistake? What is God’s track record so far? Was this all for God’s pleasure? Do you know any authoritarians who won’t admit God’s mistakes – or their own? If God has everything pre-ordained, did Cain have any choice in killing Abel?

In Hebrew “Abel” (Hevel) means nothingness or futility. Ouch! Abel, the innocent victim, is erased. Isn’t God instrumental in this story where people become evil? Note: Abel has no dialog – nothing to contribute – except his life. Cain is the star of the show. The Biblical God proves to be ignorant, mean, incompetent and just plain evil.

Was Abel the 1st sacrificial lamb to God? Didn’t God later reward the murderer, Cain, with a wife, and a city?

Didn’t God make a Cain a promise of protection – which God later broke?

God Wants Blood Sacrifice 


Myth: Romulus killed his brother Remus, yet Rome was named after Romulus. Why would Romulus, the murderer, be honored the city’s name and not his brother, Remus, the innocent victim?

The New Testament mentions Adam and Eve but the Hebrew OT Biblenever again mentions Adam and Eve. Why? Wouldn’t you think that they would have had a more sacred status? Maybe they were never mentioned again because the later Jewish authors considered it was all a fraud.

The Biblical God proves to be jealous of and punitive to all of the species He made. God proves to be deficient in understanding and low in tolerance. Is this an accurate picture of the Biblical God or not? Is this depiction of God the same image you carry within your heart or your head? If you were questioned to any dept and if you answered with integrity, it is very doubtful.

Adam and Eve were not created to be immortal. How could you know?

God had asked: What if they eat from the tree of life and live forever?

How could God question anything while God knows it all?

God Allowed Satan To Tempt Eve To Temp Adam?

Genesis 5:1 God made man in His likeness.

If so, does this explained man’s immorality?




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