Christian Conversion

Christian Conversion


Gary DeVaney

“To practice Christian Conversion amounts to a Vampire’s need to feed.”

(Inspired By Pastor Arnold)

The Blackmail / Extortion / Coercion of Religion is:

“Be like me – or else!”

Christianity is a constant war between assumed-authority and stand-up free-will. Christianity consists of and projects self-assumed, converted and superior wills that imperialistically and aggressively wage war on what Christians consider to be evil. If you live free and exercise your free-will, Christians will condemn you to be evil – and to not be like them.

Coercion is the practice of forcing another to behave in an involuntary manner by use of threats, rewards,  intimidation or some other form of force. In law, coercion is codified as a duress crime. Such actions are used to force a victim to act in the desired way. Coercion may involve the actual infliction of physical pain / injury or psychological harm in order to enhance the credibility of a threat. The threat of further harm may lead to the cooperation or obedience of the person being coerced.

Torture (Eternal Torment) is one of the most extreme examples of coercion.

Practicing Christians demand Conversion by threat of Eternal Torment. For those not “saved” – pain is inflicted for eternity.

What makes Practicing Christians think they have the right to tell others how to live by threat of consequence?

John 15:16 Jesus Christ said: Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you…

So, Christians, you do believe this Bible C&V, right? If so, what is all this conversion hassle and nonsense?

Composite Christian Believer Attempts To Convert A Free-Will Thinker

Christian: Hi! I am a practicing fundamentalist Christian. You are a sinner. As a Christian, I assume that your salvation is my business. My job is to convert you to Christianity and to break your evil, sinful free-will so that the Holy Spirit can take you over and restrict you to the sacred service of Almighty God.

Your conversion is a Biblically-authorized event. As God’s servant, I am authorized, by God, to put tremendous and persistent pressure on you – to conform you – and to convert you to Christianity.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you from the beginning: God owns your soul. You do notown your soul. Your soul is God’s. God created your soul for His pleasure and God can do whatever He wants with it.

Right now, you are to repent! You are to change your freedom-loving mind and your sinful life from serving yourself to serving God – so that you may be saved to serve God for eternity. You are not being saved for you. Your salvation is not for your benefit. You are being saved for God’s pleasure and you are to serve God for eternity. God gave you free-will to test whether you love God more than your free-will. God will judge you to Eternal-Torment if you prove to love your free-will – or anything else – more than you love God.

You shall sacrifice your free-will and your life to God – starting right now! You shall submit, yield and subordinate your free-will to God’s sacred will, which is also my “converted” will and you shall humbly convert to become a practicing Christian – which is God’s slave and God’s Christian soldier.

I am a practicing Christian. I am a slave to God. I represent to you God’s will. My calling is to put extreme and persistent pressure on you – to convert you – to serve my Biblical God with your passion and loyalty throughout your lifetime. 

Then, Almighty God shall judge you. If God accepts you based on your works, your repentance, your tithes, your faith and your love, only then may God choose you to serve Him, on His terms, for eternity. If you do not break your stubborn, disobedient, sinful free-will and serve God on His terms, you shall suffer Eternal-Torment. And – rightfully so!

I, as a “saved” Christian, wage war on your “sin”. Your “sin” is without the consent of God. If your free-will does change and you do choose to give up your sinful life and serve your God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I would have righteously broken and converted your sinful free-will. To convert to Christianity, your old, sinful self must die – to be “Born Again” / “Born From Above” and to become “New In The Spirit” – to serve and to love God forever and ever. Praise God!

If you disobey me, in God’s stead, I shall correct you as much as I can and repeatedly threaten Eternal-Torment for your soul. It’s because God loves you – and so do I. When I successfully break your free-will and convert you, you are then to wage war on “sin” and break the free-wills of others – so to convert them and to save their souls. You are to be tireless at this and do it until God calls you into His loving arms. You are to sacrifice – who you think you are – and become what Jesus Christ wants you to be.

You Are To Sacrifice Yourself

Like Jesus?

Once I break your free-will to God’s will and to my converted will; then, you repent. After you repent, I shall then supervise how you are to live. Once you become responsive to me, you will obey me as you would God. You shall pressure others who display free-will as you find them and supervise those who lose their own free-will and who are receptive and obedient to your new crusade against evil.

Gary DeVaney: Hi, Mr. Christian. So, if you are a Christian and if I am not, do you consider yourself superior to me?

Christian: In the eyes of God – YES! Anyone God chooses to serve Him is superior to the heathen. I, through faith, have become spiritually aware that I am actually of “God’s elect”. As one of the “elect”, I am of more value to God than the mere “saved”. I was chosen, by God, before the Earth was formed. That was even before the first Earth-Age.

Gary: So, do you have “assumed authority” over me? Are you waging war against me to break my will?

Christian: Yes! Praise God! God has given me authority over Satan. I wage war against Satan – and you are Satan’s vessel. Satan dwells within you. I shall drive Satan out of you so that Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit can live through you. You and your sinful nature are to sacrifice yourself and die to the World and be “Born-Again” / “Born From Above” as a Christian.

Gary: I am a free-thinker and a happy man. You don’t like either of those facts, do you?

Christian: You can only be happy if your are serving God with all your heart and soul. 

Gary: So, your job is to steal my soul and my life from me so that I will serve your God? Do you really expect me to conform to that?

Christian: Expect you to conform? I demand that you conform – or else – you go to Hell!

Gary: Is this authoritative agenda you just described what has caused so much destruction, murder, abuse and war throughout all of history? Isn’t war designed to break the wills of others?

Christian: We are Christians! We love peace!

Gary: Yes. You Christians do love peace – on your terms. War results when two or more egos want peace – on their terms. War results after the politicians fail. In war, a Human Being, like a President, Emperor or King assumes authority over other Human Beings. That position of authority religiously sacrifices innocent people. In religion and war, it’s all about authority, murder, obedience and control.

The President Of The United Sates of America assumes God’s Bible-ordained and documented authority. Then, that new President often actually sacrifices his own innocent people in his quest to kill other nation’s innocent people who don’t obey his will or support his agenda. The President proclaims those “others” to be evil and to be his enemy. His war-hawk clergy claims that the newly identified enemy is against Almighty God. His government proclaims that his innocent US subjects are either loyal to the USA or that they are traitorously against the USA. The President then wages war and orders the breaking of his new enemy’s wills and for all survivors to obey him and his agenda. The Biblical God killed Human Beings to force them to surrender to God and to obey His terms and to serve His “mighty” authority and agendas. The God of the Bible is not a good God and the Bible is not a good model for humanity

A Slave for God? 

Christian: Blasphemy! Remember sinner! Jesus Christ IS the vengeful God of the Old Testament! Praise Jesus! A Christian, God-fearing Country must break evil soul’s stubborn free-wills – to occupy, enslave and, if necessary, torture or destroy them all. If you do not surrender your free-will for God to occupy and use for His pleasure, God will torture and punish you, not only now, but for eternity. My mission is to break your free-will and to convert you so to save your sinful soul from Hell-Fire and Eternal-Damnation. You are to subordinate yourself and yield to God’s will. Also, as a good, dutiful Christian, my place of service in Heaven is more assured by your conversion and your sacrifice to God.

Gary: So, you insist that I lose my happy, free-thinking life – as I know it? Instead, I am to sacrifice my free-will and fearfully serve your jealous, wrathful God? Your being a bully – who demands my obedience – helps you get into Heaven? Ok. Let me get this clear. I am to convert to Christianity – pray that I am saved – and that I satisfy your Biblical God’s pleasure. God will then judge me. Then, my Heavenly reward is – I can continue to serve for God’s, Jesus Christ’s and The Holy Spirit’s pleasure throughout eternity?

Christian: Yes, yes and yes! Isn’t it wonderful? Praise God! God is authority. You are to obeyauthority. By the way, you are not happy. True happiness is serving Almighty God.

Gary: Says you. According to the Bible, Jesus suffered 5 or 6 hours on the cross. That is a lot of horrible, unthinkable pain. But, your God sentences us to Eternal-Torment if we fail God’s test. Do you view that God’s Eternal-Punishment fits the crime?

Christian: Should you fail God’s test in the life that God gave to you, God should send you into Eternal-Torment. You should be punished for eternity. God loves you. God is just and fair. Praise God!

Save Me From Christians

Gary: You actually agree with Eternal Punishment? God loves us? God is just and fair? Just how loving, just, fair, legal and moral is the “us against them” Christian mentality?

Christian: Jesus and God are perfect – not unfair. The true Christian mentality is just, legal, fair and perfect.

Gary: And you display the true Christian mentality? For your information, I personally feel that I have been a happy Atheist for the past 30 years. I have a clear conscience that I am a good Human Being. I do not intentionally hurt people and I have never spent a night in jail. I do tend to stand up to bullies. Do you agree that true Christians have an “us against them” mentality? 

Christian: That is God’s way. God rules! Stand up to God and God will step on you like an ant. God condemns those who don’t obey. Sacrifice your false happiness to God! Deep down, we have the Holy Spirit. We know God. You do not. We know what you want and need to be a happy Christian. You don’t have the Holy Spirit and you don’t know what you want. We do know what you need and we Christians know that we may have to force and intimidate you to become what you need to be.

Gary: Your agenda drains all Human love, hope for life and you attempt to negate every Human reality. I rule only myself – not others. Aren’t you demanding for me to live by your values in my life with your authoritative dogma being the center of my values?

Christian: Look. I’ve been patient with you. I am saved. You are not saved. I believe the right way because it is God’s way. You are a sinner and you think wrong. Don’t you know that you hurt and abuse us Christians by not obeying us and God. You are not serving God and Christians like a good, obedient Christian should. You must obey all of the Bible’s 613 Old Testament commandments no matter how your feel about them – and if you die trying – God will reward you.

Gary: But, don’t God’s 613 commandments include killing disobedient sons, gay men, girls who are not virgins and those who work on the Sabbath? Should I kill them all?

Christian: That sacred obligation is between you and Almighty God. You are to be like Jesus Christ and sacrifice your life to God.

Gary: But, Jesus didn’t kill gay men, disobedient sons and non-virgin girls.

Christian: Praise Jesus! Thank you, Jesus, for suffering and dying on the cross for me! Jesus had His own cross to bear. You have yours.

Gary: If you actually support and promote Human sacrifice, can’t you see that you have no moral or legal conscience – that you qualify to be a psychopath? How can you promote these psychotic beliefs with sincerity?

Christian: I demand respect for my beliefs.

Gary: Knowing what your insane, life-stealing beliefs are – that could take some doing. To convert people, you try to make them feel small and guilty. Why?

Christian: Because you are a guilty, lowly sinner.

Gary: Isn’t obedience all you really want? Isn’t obedience the ultimate test of what you call respect? Aren’t you just demanding other’s conformity and obedience to your authority?

Do You Know The Controversial Bible C&Vs?

Christian: Not my authority. I am a humble servant of God. God tells us that we must conform, believe and obey to be saved. If you obey my God-fearing beliefs, you will be saved.

Gary: Don’t you see that you are trying to kill an individual’s soul, life and integrity in favor of their having to live a lie?

Christian: In service, God has no use for individuals. Ye must be born again. God demands His children’s heart and soul obedience.

Gary: Sir Christian, what if you are confused and mistaken about your being saved? If you were not saved, would you still agree with God’s sentence of Eternal-Torment?

Christian: You are an arrogant, sinful man. You think that you are great! Pride is a sin! Conversion kills one’s sinful pride. Prideful, sinful souls cannot be ruled. God does not need any prideful, sinful souls in Heaven. Christians do not deny the conception of greatness. The true greatness of man is in his dedication to do God’s work. Conversion destroys sinful pride from within. Conversion kills man’s sense of sinful values. If it’s God’s will – it’s right. If it is a sinner’s will – it is wrong. I am God’s slave, God’s soldier. God can do with me as He wishes. Who are you or I to tell God?

God’s Slave / Soldier all demand “God’s Will Be Done”.

Gary: Spoken like a true, sacrificial martyr. You are testifying that your Biblical God has a master-slave mind-set and that God is a slave owner. If so, your God operates as a criminal outside of US law. The State of Mississippi was the last state to ratify the United State’s anti-slavery law in 1994. Yet, you want others to become willing slaves, like you, to God. Don’t you realize that what you are demanding of others is what causes war?

Christian: God requires war to break the wills of the sinful. It’s so simple. God wants sacrifice so that God can know who He can trust to serve Him for eternity. God wants your love and your sacrifice. God demands peace – on His terms! If Holy God’s commandments, statutes, ordinances and laws are not obeyed – on God’s terms – mankind gets no peace.

Gary: So, is religion, by constantly warring with the wills that do not serve the Biblical God on His terms, responsible for why mankind has treated mankind so cruelly throughout history?

Christian: Yes. Mankind is sinful and war is necessary to break the will of evil so that God can have His way. God is God! And God deserves to have everything His way. Conversion does not let anything remain sacred in a man’s soul except God, and, upon conversion, man’s soul will not be sacred to himself. You’d best fear God, the creator!

Gary: Mankind evolved and was not created.

Christian: Really! If man evolved from monkeys, why do monkeys still exist?

Gary: If Man was formed from dust, why is there still dust?

Christian: God is powerful and can do anything.

Gary: Really! Can God die?

Christian: Blasphemy. God is going to destroy your arrogant ass and then He will send you into Eternal Torment.

Do you realize that you and your God bully non-believers?

Christian: That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Non-believers need discipline and you don’t tell me how to discipline non-believers.

Gary: You, personally, feel entitled to discipline non-believers?

Christian: I am God’s soldier and it is God’s way.

Gary: Do you think if Christians knew about this requirement of “waging war on wills of others” – they would still love God?

Christian: Absolutely. Shut up! Stop talking stupid! You are making me mad!

Gary: Mr. Christian, I propose that you and I make a deal. Ok?

Christian: Ok. What’s your deal?

Gary: My deal is: You don’t talk down to me – and I don’t punch you out.

Christian: Listen, Christians are God-fearing. God has feelings and God feels that the intensity of a Christian’s love and a believer’s fear is important to Him – so, God can know who to choose on judgment day to serve Him for eternity. And, if you take issue with God, we Christians see that as you are attacking us. I personally feel that you are attacking me. If you do not break your free-willto the disciplined will of Almighty God, He will destroy you.

Gary: Sorry, Mr. Christian, but I can not love and I will not serve the insane, domineering, tyrannical, murderous and torturing God that you describe.

Christian. Well, it’s simple then. You are going to Hell! I am here to give you a realistic taste, based on the Bible, of what God expects of you and what consequences you will face if you do not break your will and convert. You are to love God with all your heart and soul. Be like us true Christians – or else.

Gary: Do you realize that you are a bully who creates enemies?

Christian: I am a humble servant of my Lord. The Lord Is My Shepherd.

Gary: Powerful, psychopathic men, throughout history, have heinously attacked and brutally murdered nations to break their will. Those, of the destroyed nations who survived, then had to obey and serve their conquers’ agendas. It has been a constant recycle of murder, misery and tyranny throughout history. This has been your God-Model.

Christian: God does not change. Praise God!

Gary: In the Old Testament, God’s “chosen people” murdered numerous nations, killing every man, woman and child – so to steal their land.

Christian: It was God’s land to give to whom He chose.

Gary: Sometimes, God’s “chosen people” could not get along and waged war upon themselves – God’s Own “chosen”.

Christian: Yes! God corrects His own. Man is sinful and requires correction.

Gary: When “God’s Chosen” lost battles or were not totally obedient, angry God turned on them and destroyed them or God arranged for an enemy to put “His Chosen” into captivity and slavery.

Christian: God is in control. God owns this Earth, everything and everyone on it. It is all God’s land to give to whom He chooses. All lives and souls are God’s to take when and as He wishes. If you are willfully disobedient, God will turn on you and destroy you too. As with Jesus Christ’s wonderful sacrifice, God had it all pre-planned and God was always in control. Yes, God does destroy all those who don’t totally obey Him. You’d best repent for your sins and disobedience. President George W. Bush, who God had appointed over the people of the United States of America, made history by waging war and defeating evil empires. Satan controls those evil people. The more sacrifices that are made, the more God documents in “the book of life” who is suitable to serve God for eternity. God loves the intensity when souls sacrifice themselves to the death in serving God’s authority.


Whose Souls Would You Sacrifice For God & Country?

Robert Ingersoll wrote: “Those who have loved God most have loved men least.”

Gary: Sir Christian, you don’t like other Human Beings the way they are. Don’t you value Human life?

Christian: There is only one way Human Beings can satisfy God. Human life is temporary. This “Earth Age” is just God’s test to see who God wants to be with Him in Heaven.

Gary: So, you don’t personally care about your fellow Human Beings?

Christian: Not compared to my love for God! My life now is nothing. My Eternal-Life is all that is important. Human Beings cannot save me. Only God can.

Gary: So, you put your agenda of saving yourself over the free lives of other Human Beings? Didn’t Jesus Christ say that there is nothing that a Human Being can do to save himself?  

Christian: Yes. But, God does love and God does hate. God loved Jacob and God hated Esau. God is all-powerful, jealous and wrathful. It is best that you fear God and obey!

Gary: It is obvious that – even if the Biblical God does not exist – your belief in God definitely does exist.

Christian: For you to infer that God does not exist is blasphemy!

Gary: By your behavior, I acknowledge that your religion is the way it is. Do you hate those who do not believe in nor worship your God?

Christian: Let’s just say that I love them less.

Gary: About 30 years ago, I was a licensed, ordained minister.

Christian: You lie!

Gary: No sir, it’s true. Once I learned all the controversial C&Vs about the Biblical God, I chose the Biblical God out of my life. As a result, I have experienced much less personal hatred.

Christian: Almighty God never “called” you to minister for Him.

Gary: Upon reflection, I agree. Only in fantasy and myth has the fictitious Biblical God ever “called” anyone to serve Him.

Christian: Blasphemy! 

Gary: Do you view that Heaven is the paradise that Christians project?

Christian: Of course it is. Yes, there was war in Heaven, but God loves you. You just make sure you are fit for God’s judgment. Stop thinking about yourself and do everything you can to pleasure God. That is your one and only job. God is not going to be happy with you if you don’t break others wills as I have broken yours. Convert, fear God, repent, get baptized, pay generous tithes, sacrifice, do good works, believe, have faith – and God may select you to serve Him for eternity.

Gary: Sir Christian, I did not give you permission to advise me. It is best that you intellectually understand and emotionally accept that.

Christian: I minister to whom God puts into my hand.

Gary: Right. You, typically, make claims not in evidence. So, would I have “free-will” in Heaven?

Christian: Certainly not! You are tested by how you serve God on Earth. That determines whether or not you make it into Heaven. Because God does not change, what suits God on Earth suits God in Heaven. “God’s will is to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Are you delusional enough to think that God would give you something in Heaven that He would not allow you during your lifetime on Earth?

Gary: So, what’s in it for the Christian?

Christian: LOL! Well, two things quickly come to my mind. You shall have the privilege to serve God – on His terms – for eternity. And, you will not be suffering Eternal-Torment in Hell. That is a pretty sweet deal, if you are smart enough to notice.

Gary: So, you terrorize gullible believers by threatening the horrors of Hell to scare them into becoming Christians and if they do not obey you and your authoritative dogma, you threaten Eternal Torment?

Christian: How else can God get the sinful to convert and to serve Him?

Gary: Maybe by being a good God-Model instead of being a jealous, vengeful, murderous God-Model?

Christian: God is perfect! You are not to take issue with Almighty God!

Gary: Hell attracts the power-crazy, the superstitious and the ignorant. No logical, reasonable thinker would be converted to a life of sacrifice especially when there is no evidence of a supernatural God. Against my better judgment, if I did agree to your tyrannical God’s terms and to my current Government’s imperialistic war agendas, would I be expected to kill other Human Beings?

Christian: If you are a proper Christian, you will volunteer your life to soldier, to serve, to crusade, to obey and to sacrifice for God and for any President whom God appoints over you. That President is doing God’s will. The Bible says so. If Almighty God, or your current President, requires you to do some killing – you are a slave to God and you are a subordinate soldier to your President. You are to sacrifice your will and you are to serve your masters’ wills to your death. God will reward you both on Earth and in Heaven – if you loyally have faith, believe in, love and obey God.


Gary: Mr. Christian, is God’s Judeo-Christian-Islamic dogma directly or indirectly responsible for all the wars – and all the suffering and pain – that humanity has experienced within mythical, Biblical documentation and real recorded history?

Christian: God is in charge. God does not change. God wants sacrifices. God wants you to love him, worship and pray to Him. God hears you! Your love is your sacrifice to God. When you love God – it makes His day.

Gary: I am no longer religious. Based on your description of the Christian religion, I feel no love for your Biblical God.

Christian: Christianity is not a religion. It is a reality.

Gary: Yeah, just like Santa Claus.

Christian: Do not blaspheme my religion!

Gary: Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Do Practicing Christians compete to steal and convert the free-will of other Human Beings? Are all other Human Beings to worshipfully surrender their free-will and their life so to serve your jealous and vengeful God just because you are programed  to demand it? It appears that most converted Christians do not like other Human Beings the way they are – the way God supposedly created them. In fact, Practicing Christians preach that all Human Beings are born in sin and that all are inherently evil. Because practicing Christians can not accept other Human Beings the way they are, they want to destroy who another unique Human Being was genetically born to become. It’s all “Be like me – or else” isn’t it?

Christian: Well, there you have it.

Gary: I view that your ego tries to convert others just to validate your own ego’s nonsense.

Christian: Blasphemy!

Gary: You use the threat of Hell in hopes to give your self power over others.

Christian. Hell is real. I use what God demands that I use.

Gary: Why does your Biblical God want sacrifices? Why would your God want you to be a slave to His will and to your country’s leader’s murderous will and imperialistic agendas? That does not sound good, just and fair for mankind. That sounds a lot like slavery, authority-driven tyranny and evil blackmail to me – in my experienced value system. I view that your Biblical God is wrong. I view that many US Presidents have been wrong by leading the citizens of the United States to murder citizens of other countries who could not even defend themselves. A Shepherd does feedand care for his flock so that he can fleece them often and ultimately consume them. Can you deny that is the sheep’s reality and its destiny?

Christian: Blasphemer! There is only one value system and that is God’s! You will obey God – or else! You need to be taken behind the woodshed and corrected. God is good, fair, just and if you don’t break your stubborn will and convert, God will righteously toss you into Hell forever. God sends His plagues on people like you to let you know who is boss.

Do You Suffer One Of God’s Plagues?

Gary: Hummm. Is Polio one of the crippling plagues that the Biblical God has sent people?

Christian: Yes. Polio, Cancer, Aids! Praise God!

Gary: But according to Dr. Darrel W. Ray’s awesome book “The God Virus”, mankind has evolved to be smart enough to eliminate many of God’s major plagues on Human Beings like Small Pox, TB, Syphilis and Polio. 

Darrel would probably ask you if you have ever considered getting into a “Recovery From Religion” program?

Christian: You will definitely suffer God’s wrath and go to Hell for saying that to me, “God’s Elect” and Holy Servant.

Gary: Sir Christian, neither you nor your dogma, will rule over any thinking man. You are not a God-ordained authority over others. You can not make nor enforce dogmatic rules for others to obey by threat of phony “super-natural” consequence.

Christian: Almighty God is real and God is “super-natural”!

Christopher Hitchens wrote: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

Christian: God is extraordinary! I know God.

Gary: You know that it is true because you heard it come out of your own mouth.

Christian: That’s all the proof I need. If you don’t obey God’s will and rules, you will go to Hell.

Gary: Richard Dawkins and Darrel Ray would probably diagnose that – by your symptoms and behavior – you have a “God-Virus” in your brain. I view that your fanatical belief has caused you to have a “neurodisassociative brain”. Except for your close family and friends, I would bet that you have little compassion or empathy concerning other Human Beings.

Christian: If you don’t speak rationally, I’m out-of-here! And betting is a sin!

Gary: I live in “Sin City”, Las Vegas, Nevada. A lot of what you claim to be a “sin” is perfectly legal where I choose to live. 

Christian: In God’s eyes and in my eyes, you are a sinner. 

Gary: Ok, how’s this sound? Maybe all of mankind will evolve and become smart enough to eliminate the greatest Human plague that was ever invented for mankind – religion and its God.

Christian: You are a obstinate sinner! You go to Hell!

Gary: I stand up to bullies. You resent facing your own tactics. You see, I know most of the controversial C&Vs of the Bible. You cannot and will not learn those controversial C&Vs – nor will you address them. You cannot question your belief.

Christian: Through faith, we Christians are righteous and peace-loving. We have the Holy Spirit. We do not have to know everything because we believe and we have faith.

Gary: Oh yes. Faith – the license to ignore reality. You have a parasite on your life – a religious virus – that I don’t want to catch. Could it be that the “Holy Spirit” prevents you from seeing and addressing those controversial Bible C&Vs? Mr. Christian, you will not break my free-will. I have no interest in serving your virus-infected ego – nor – your Judeo-Christian-Islamic God, fictitious or not – nor – will I, as a retired, Reserve Army Officer, serve any President who attacks defenseless countries or individuals in order to fulfill his administration’s imperialistic, corporate interests. By Constitutional oath, I will not obey illegal orders.

Christian: You are the worst sinner I have ever met. I look forward seeing you get your one-way ticket to Hell! And, how dare you! Our Christian God is not the same as Allah!

Gary: Read chapter and verse selections of your own Bible and of the Koran concerning Abraham. The Biblical God and the Koran’s Allah is the same “One God of Abraham”.

Christian: Blasphemer! Satan is in you.

Gary: It is true that Muhammad started Islam. Before Muhammad there was no Islam. All indicators point to Abraham impregnating Hagar who had Ishmael. Ishmael is considered to be the father of the Arabic people who make up most of Islam today. Abraham had one God. Islam has one God, who they call Allah. It is not logical that God or Allah is real but they are sourced as the same character: “The One God of Abraham”. So, why would you restrict my will, control my behavior and make me a slave to Jesus?

Christian: I want God’s promise of the power and the glory forever. I want to rule for eternity along side of Jesus.

Gary: Do you mean that the souls who make it into Heaven will also be ruled over by souls like yours?

Christian: Yes. Amen! Praise God! We Christians fear God. With the power of God on our side, we impose the fear of God on others. That is what converts souls into good, God-Fearing Christians. With the fear of God on our side – imagine the fear that rolls before us. The power and the glory are with us. Amen!

Gary: So, you want power over other people and you want to use the fear of God to get it?

Christian: Yes. That is how Christianity attracts and controls its converts. You are the bully. I’m not.

Gary: John 6:44 No man can come to Christ except the Father draw him…

Christian: Then, you’re going to Hell!

Gary: Matthew 6:1 Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in Heaven.

Christian: Go to Hell!

Gary: You are not used to people standing up to you – are you? Sir Christian, I do not fear you – nor your voodoo God. You shalt not convert my soul any more than your fictitious God has any say over my free-will.

Christian: God is great, unchanging and perfect! God killed His only Son for your salvation! You refuse to learn from me. You have nothing to teach me. We have no reason to communicate further. Praise God! You are going to Hell! I shall no longer cast my pearls before swine.


Believers ARE Zombies


Judeo-Christian-Islamic believers ARE non-thinking zombies.

Zombies are on belief auto-pilot – absent of independent thought processes. Aren’t they?

It is a paradox. Believers can not / will not truly question their belief. Will they?

If a believer did question his or her belief, they would prove not to truly believe. Wouldn’t they?

Even if they did question their belief, they are already zombie-mindset to keep the belief. Aren’t they?

That is called mindset. The zombie-mindset mission is to eat brains. Isn’t it?

The Christian-Conversion zombie-mindset mission is to paralyze another’s brain into converted, non-thinking, mindset belief. After a paralyzed brain becomes thought-dysfunctional, it preaches thought-dysfunction to any who happen into its atmosphere. Doesn’t it?

Imagine how Christian-Conversion is like Star Trek’s description of: The cloning of the Borg. “I believe” means for the Borg “I obey”. The Borg’s mission is: If you are not converted into the Borg and you are not part of the body, you must be destroyed. The Christian mission: If you are not converted, you are not part of the body and you will suffer Eternal-Torment.

If you are a self-confessed believer, behaviorally, isn’t that how you are programmed to stand on your belief?

I’m Gary DeVaney. I support every Human Being’s right to have his or her own views and thoughts – as long as he or she does not imperialistically or authoritatively impose their beliefs / rules on others.

To the honest and realist Human Being – please be just and fair. Do no harm: If you are going to believe in, promote, support and finance the Biblical God, at least know what this God is documented, by Bible C&V, to have done.

If your religion causes war, conflict, prejudice, discrimination, extortion, coercion or blackmail, then, the world would be better off without your religion.

I don’t try to frighten you and I am not afraid of you. If you try to intimidate me or be aggressive toward me, I will probably try to avoid somebody getting hurt. If you intimidate or are aggressive with another in my presence, you will probably have to go through me to get to them.

The God Murders website is designed to provide tools and knowledge for the thinker who cannot defend himself from the imperialistic “Practicing Christian” who tries to convert him (or her) by coercion and threat of eternal torment.

It also exposes the “Practicing Christian’s” lie should they deny their conversion agenda.

I am a Realist, a Humanist and an Atheist – as I have no evidence of any “supernatural” God. And, neither do you. Do most practicing Christians imperialistically wage war on those of us who live by our free-will? If Christians are constantly waging war, by virtue of the Biblical God’s documented doctrine, is it any wonder that heads of countries also wage God-ordained “might makes right” war on who they can?

So practicing Christians, if numerous Muslims debated “their religious threat of consequence” with you or your child the same way that you debate Atheists, how would you react?

Christian Conversion II: Hi! I am a converted and saved Christian and you are an evil sinner.

I demand – by the power of Eternal-Consequence – that you must change who you are!

You must spiritually die and be born again.

You must discard your free-will.

You must change your values.

You must change your attitude (outer signs of inner feelings).

You must change your behavior.

You must obey God – and me.

You must be baptized, circumcised, pray, pay tithes, give your wealth away, kill non-virgin girls, gay men and unruly sons.

(God knows that I cheat on these but I confess my sins and I am forgiven. I am saved!)

If you are not a Converted Christian, like me, then, I do not like you the way you are. I am saved and I will go to Heaven. You will also have to change yourself to suit me before I will want to spend eternity with you. I will always be superior to you because I was a converted and saved Christian first.

I demand that you change to be like me so that I can then accept you the way you will become.

Don’t try to disobey me, argue with me or debate me. Don’t try to defend yourself or try to stay the same. If you do, God and I will hassle you until you die. Then God will get you!

(You and me, God! Right!)

If you don’t convert and change, I want to be the one to personally give you your one-way ticket to Hell.

Why do you try to put non-believers on God’s team when neither non-believers nor God wants them there?

I am a Christian and I hassle you because I love you.

Praise God! God will send you to Eternal-Torment because God loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

If you don’t convert and become saved, God will send you to Eternal-Torment to protect a good Christian like me from you – you proven evil, disgusting sinner. God will prove to me that God loves me more.

I am a Christian. Evil sinner, you’d best become a Christian too. Or else!

Time out, I must pray: “Dear God! This is so much fun! I never get tired of giving evil sinners those ultimatums. God, I hate them – uh – love them less! So God, you must have given me the gift of wisdom. I must be brilliant to put up with all these evil sinners! And God, you do have to admit that I am better than your other Christian believers. Right? Right God? God, are you there? God? Where are You? Oh, God, I know you love me. Dammit, God! I’m talking to you!”


By documented evidence – for those who are not too mind-set to perceive:

“The Biblical God is not a good God and the Bible is not a good model for humanity.” GWD

Does Religion Enslave Humanity?     


Conclusion: The Biblical God Character – fictional or not – is mainly responsible for why man treats man so cruelly.

Why practicing Christians get angry when their conversion efforts are rejected:


God does NOT send you to Hell. You send yourself to Hell:



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