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The Biblical God’s 10 Plagues


The Biblical God’s 10 Plagues

By Gary DeVaney


Exodus 7:3-5 God said to Moses: I will make Pharaoh obstinate (harden his heart: KJV) and despite my plagues, he will not listen to you. I will take My (new) Israelite army out of Egypt. I will plague the Egyptians so that they all may learn that I am God.

These selected C&Vs are paraphrased as there are taken from the Torah, KJV and the Catholic versions. All 3 versions sum up the same story.

1. God has Moses demand Pharaoh release the Israelites.


Moses Demanded Pharaoh Release The Israelites.


2. God constantly makes Pharaoh obstinate so to refuse and disobey Moses.

3. God then sends the Egyptians 10 separate plagues as punishment for disobeying Moses' and God's orders.

4. God's 10th plague murders all of Egypt's firstborn for Pharaoh's disobedience.

God's egocentric motive for all this pain, suffering and murder is to teach the Egyptians and the Israelites that He is God. God is making these Israelites His personal army with the intention use them to kill other human beings so to steal their lands.

This Biblical God is the evil, murderous tyrant that they either must serve - or they must die.  

This "unchanging", monstrous Biblical God did evolve to create "The New Testament" which added ETERNAL TORMENT to your fate - should you fail to obey God. How do you know that this insane God doesn't force you to disobey Him so that He can give you a miserable life, kill you and then roast you for eternity? Blasphemous words, you might say? Let's see if your Holy Bible documents such a possibility.

1. Exodus 7:20-21 The river changed into blood. The fish died.


The River Changed Into Blood


Exodus 7:22 God made Pharaoh remain obstinate as the Lord had said. (In Ex 7:3-5)

What? Ok. Let it sink in. God made Pharaoh obstinate so that God could torture and murder the Egyptians. God's motive was to let everybody know who was God around there. The Biblical God loves to create God-fearing people - and God intimidates them for His control.

2. Exodus 8:1-10 Aaron / God brought frogs upon the Egyptian people and their land and the (guilty) frogs died and stank.


Frogs Died & Stank


Exodus 8:11 Pharaoh was still stubborn as God had scripted. (In Ex 7:3-5).

3. Exodus 8:12 God brought lice upon the Egyptian people and their animals.



God Brought Lice Upon People & Animals



Exodus 8:15 Pharaoh remained stubborn.

No decent human being wants God to make people stubborn so that He can punish them.





4. Exodus 8:17 God infested swarms of flies upon the people of Egypt.


God Infested Flies On People


Exodus 8:28 But, once more, Pharaoh became obdurate and would not let the people go. Catholic

5. Exodus 9:6 God killed all the livestock of Egypt; none of Israel.


God Killed All The Livestock Of Egypt


Some Judeo-Christian (protect God at all cost) zealots have actually claimed that those poor, dumb animals were sinful too.

Exodus 9:7 Pharaoh was still obstinate.

Did God cast an evil spell of obstinacy over Pharaoh? Aren't "evil" entities the ones who casts evil spells?

Who God? Evil? That's impossible, you say?

1st Samuel 18:10-11 An evil spirit from God came over Saul who missed David with a spear when he tried to nail him to the wall.

Did "God's spells" evolve into “the gospels”?

Some portions of the Bible claim that God is a good God. However, other portions of the Bible do not depict God to be a good God.

6. Exodus 9:10 God caused festering boils on man and beast.



God Caused Festering Boils On Man & Beast



And, you wonder what makes the Biblical God's day.

Exodus 9:12 (Torah verbatim) Now, it was God who made Pharaoh obstinate. He would not listen to Moses just as God had predicted.

Doesn't this re-confirm what God told Moses in Exodus 7:3-5?

Exodus 9:27-28 Pharaoh cried: I'm guilty, God is just. We have had enough. I, and my subjects, have been wrong, we have sinned. I will let you go!

Behold! Exodus 9:27-28 documents that Pharaoh did agree to let the Israelites go after the 6th plague! What could change his mind? If God forced Pharaoh to again change his mind and become obstinate so that God could further punish and murder innocent people, what kind of evil monster is this God?

Knowing what the Biblical God is doing here, do you still consider God to be just and fair? Would you still mindlessly claim that "God is perfect, good, just and fair" out of fear of this God?

7. Exodus 9:23-25 God murdered, by hail, every man and animal that was outdoors.


God Killed By Hail Every Man & Animal Outdoors


Exodus 9:34-35 Pharaoh became stubborn, yet again, as God had foretold. (In Ex 7:3-5).

Exodus 10:1-2 God said to Moses: I have made Pharaoh and his servants stubborn so I may do what I have done. You will be able to tell your children how I made fools out of the Egyptians. You will then fully realize that I am God.

Sorry ye believers and defenders, but the Torah, Catholic and King James Versions all consistently show this Biblical God to be one very sick and insane puppy.

8. Exodus 10:12-19 God covered the land of Egypt with locust. God drowned all the locust.



                                                    God Covered The Land Of Egypt With Locust


Exodus 10:20 God made Pharaoh obstinate, so he would not let the Israelites go.

9. Exodus 10:21-22 Magic: Three days of thick darkness.



Three Days Of Thick Darkness


Exodus 10:27 God again, made Pharaoh obstinate so that he would not let them go.

Exodus 11:4-5 Moses said: Every first-born of this land shall die from the first-born of Pharaoh to the first-born of the slave-girl in the hand-mill.


What moral or legal responsibility does a first-born baby and his mother have concerning God's forcing Pharaoh to disobey Him? Why should they be punished and suffer due to God's insane, egocentric, murderous and pre-planned agenda?

How "just and fair" do you now claim that the Biblical God is? Can new information and fresh thinking replace any mind-set belief that is in you? Is all this Bible C&V evidence lost to your logic, reason and your sense of right and wrong?

Redundantly, what specifically did that Egyptian first-born son or his mother do to make the Biblical God so evil? If you were this God, would you murder all the Egyptian firstborn? If your answer is NO - how can you worship, promote, support and finance such a character?

In your value system, by designing and executing this cruel agenda, how does the unchanging Biblical God prove to be a God of good, fairness, love and justice?

What kind of evil agenda or model is God trying to teach humanity?

What is God's "moral" in this case? How tyrannical can evil be?

God inflicted 10 plagues, including murder, to unfairly punish all the Egyptians.

Exodus 12:12 God proclaimed: I will murder every first-born in Egypt, man and beast.

10. Exodus 12:29-30 God murders all the first-born of all Egyptians.


God Killed Every First-Born In Egypt - Man & Beast

animated gifs


Well, there you have it.

You continue to worship, promote, support and finance this Biblical God. At least now you know what you are worshipping, promoting, supporting and financing.


Questions? Comments? Corrections?